First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.

Tackett, Lewis 1790
Tait, Nancy Baker TilmanWILL
Talbert, Ansel WILL
Talbert, William WILL
Talley, Nathan 1790
Tate, Henry WILL
Tate, Nathaniel 1790
Tate, Richd. 1790
Taylor, Abraham WILL
Taylor, Benjn. 1790
Taylor, Jessee 1790
Taylor, John WILL
Taylor, Jonathan 1790
Taylor, Josiah WILL
Taylor, Moses 1790
Taylor, Nery 1790
Taylor, Tom 1790
Taylor, Walter 1790
Taylor, William 1790
Taylor, William WILL
Taylor, Wm. 1790
Teague, Addison WILL
Teer, Anna WILL
Teer, Stephen WILL
Terrance, John WILL
Terrence, William 1790
Terry, Anna WILL
Terry, John 1790
Terry, William 1790
Therman, John 1790
Thermon, Wm. 1790
Thomas, Atha 1790
Thomas, James WILL
Thomas, Jeremiah 1790
Thomas, Josiah 1790
Thomas, Nichs. 1790
Thomas, Roberts WILL
Thomas, William 1790
Thomas, William WILL
Thomas, Wm. 1790
Thompson, David 1790
Thompson, Herod 1790
Thompson, James 1790
Thompson, Marshall WILL
Thompson, Rachel 1790
Thompson, Samuel 1790
Thompson, Wiley WILL
Thorn, Charnal H. 1790
Thorn, Joshua 1790
Thornton, Abraham 1790
Thornton, Abraham WILL
Thornton, Ely 1790
Thornton, Thomas WILL
Thower, Ben 1790
Thunderburgh, Anthony 1790
Thunderburgh, Isaac 1790
Thurman, Charles 1790
Thurman, Elizabeth WILL
Thurman, ElizabethWILL
Thurman, Pleasant 1790
Thurmond, John WILL
Thurmond, JohnWILL
Thurmond, Pleasant WILL
Tilberrry, Williby 1790
Tillery, John 1790
Tillman, Ann WILL
Tillman, Benjamin WILL
Tillman, Jonathan WILL
Tilman, Fed 1790
Tilman, Frank 1790
Tilman, Frederic, Jr. 1790
Tilman, Lewis 1790
Tilman, Stephen 1790
Timmerman, Jacob WILL
Timmerman, Jonathan, WILL
Timmerman, Peter WILL
Tobe, Eckard 1790
Tobler, Christian 1790
Tobler, Frederic 1790
Tobler, John WILL
Tobler, Ulric WILL
Tobler, William WILL
Tod, William 1790
Todd, William, WILL
Tolbert, Joseph WILL
Tomkins, Augustus WILL
Tomkins, Samuel, WILL
Tomlin, James 1790
Tooler (free Negroe) 1790
Towles, MaryWILL
Triplet, Roger 1790
Trotter, Jeremiah 1790
Trotter, Jeremiah WILL
Trotter, Jo 1790
Trotter, Natham 1790
Trotter, Nathan WILL
Trowbridge, E.S. WILL
Truevelion, Joab 1790
Tuck, Thos. 1790
Tucker Jos. 1790
Tucker, Martha WILL
Tullice, Moses WILL
Tumlin, John 1790
Turk, Thomas WILL
Turnage, Charity 1790
Turnage, John 1790
Turner, George 1790
Turner, George WILL
Turner, John 1790
Turner, John WILL
Turner, Robert WILL
Tutt, Barbrara 1790
Tutt, Richard WILL
Tutt, Richd. 1790
Twiggs, George WILL
Tyner, Demsey 1790













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