First Families of Edgefield County South Carolina


Please note that this index does NOT include all the names on this site. If a name is not in the index, it doesn't mean they are not on this site, all it means is they are not in the index. Indexing ALWAYS lags behind the writing of the narrative.

Wade, Henderson WILL
Wagers , Ben, Sr. 1790
Wagers, Lucy 1790
Wages, Ben 1790
Waggonner, William 1790
Wait, Jon. 1790
Waite, John WILL
Waldo, Elizabeth WILL
Walker, Ezekiel 1790
Walker, George 1790
Walker, Hezekiah 1790
Walker, Jams. 1790
Walker, Jams. 1790
Walker, John 1790
Walker, John 1790
Walker, John 1790
Walker, John WILL
Walker, John WILL
Walker, Jos. 1790
Walker, Joseph 1790
Walker, Major 1790
Walker, Saml. 1790
Walker, Samuel WILL
Walker, William 1790
Wall, John WILL
Wallace, Beaufort WILL
Wallace, James WILL
Wallace, John 1790
Walley, Willis 1790
Walling, William WILL
Walls, John 1790
Ward, Abdon 1790
Ward, Christopher 1790
Ward, Frederic 1790
Ward, Frederick WILL
Ware, Henry 1790
Ware, Henry 1790
Ware, Henry WILL
Ware, Margaret WILL
Ware, MargaretWILL
Ware, Nicholas WILL
Ware, NicholasWILL
Ware, Robert WILL
Ware, RobertWILL
Ware, Robt. 1790
Warren, Charles WILL
Warren, Elijah 1790
Warren, Joshua 1790
Warren, Joshua WILL
Warren, Sarah 1790
Warren, Thomas WILL
Warren, Thos. 1790
Warren, William 1790
Warren, Winney 1790
Wash, John WILL
Wash, William 1790
Waters, Rauley 1790
Watkins, Anderson, WILL
Watkins, John 1790
Watkins, Richard WILL
Watlery, Sherley, Sr 1790
Watley, Edmund 1790
Watley, Frederic 1790
Watley, Sherewood 1790
Watson , Nancy 1790
Watson , Richmond 1790
Watson , William 1790
Watson, Arthur 1790
Watson, Arthur WILL
Watson, ArthurWILL
Watson, Elijah WILL
Watson, John WILL
Watson, JohnWILL
Watson, Michael WILL
Watson, MichaelWILL
Watson, Stanmore WILL
Watts, Robert WILL
Wattson, Jon. 1790
Wattson, Kiah 1790
Wattson, William, Jr 1790
Wattson, William, Sr. 1790
Wearts, George WILL
Weatherton, Elizth 1790
Weatherton, Richd. 1790
Weatherton, Thos. 1790
Weaver, Dempsey 1790
Weaver, Elizabeth WILL
Weaver, Frederic 1790
Weaver, Jane 1790
Webb, Hendley 1790
Webb, Hendley WILL
Weeks, Aron, WILL
Weeks, Joshua 1790
Welch, William 1790
Wells, Mary 1790
West, James 1790
West, Jane 1790
West, John 1790
West, Joseph WILL
West, Sion 1790
West, William WILL
Wever, Jonathan WILL
Whatley, Fereby, WILL
Whatley, Philis WILL
Whatley, Shurrod WILL
Wheeler, Daniel WILL
Wheeler, John 1790
Whettel , James 1790
White, Robt. 1790
White, Ann 1790
White, Blumer WILL
White, Blumer WILL
White, Burges 1790
White, Burgess WILL
White, Nathan 1790
White, Nathan WILL
White, NathanWILL
White, Sarah 1790
White, William WILL
White, William WILL
White, WilliamWILL
White, Wm. 1790
White, Wm. 1790
Whitehead, James 1790
Whitehead, James WILL
Whiteker, Thomas 1790
Whitley, Elizabeth WILL
Whitley, John WILL
Whitlock, Winbrey 1790
Whitlock, Winfrey WILL
Whittel, Jo 1790
Whittle, John 1790
Whittle, Jos. 1790
Wiggins, James WILL
Wightt, Jonathan WILL
Wilborn, William WILL
Wilborn, WilliamWILL
Willams, Frederic 1790
William, John 1790
William, Paul 1790
Williams, Anameriah, WILL
Williams, Butler 1790
Williams, Daniel WILL
Williams, Davis 1790
Williams, Davis WILL
Williams, Duke 1790
Williams, Frederick WILL
Williams, James 1790
Williams, John (Mollatto) 1790
Williams, John 1790
Williams, John WILL
Williams, Leed 1790
Williams, Lud WILL
Williams, Redmon 1790
Williams, Roger 1790
Williams, Roger WILL
Williams, Roling 1790
Williams, Sampson 1790
Williams, Samuel 1790
Williams, Thos. 1790
Williams, William 1790
Williams, WinneyfordWILL
Williamson, Humphrey WILL
Willirson, Samuel 1790
Willis, JonesFF19
Willis, Robt. 1790
Wills, Jones 1790
Wills, Mathew 1790
Wilson, Alex 1790
Wilson, Alexr. 1790
Wilson, Alexr. 1790
Wilson, George 1790
Wilson, Hamutal WILL
Wilson, James WILL
Wilson, John 1790
Wilson, Rebecca WILL
Wilson, Robert 1790
Wilson, Russel, Esq 1790
Wilson, Samuel 1790
Wilson, Thomas WILL
Wilson, Thos. 1790
Wilson, Wm. 1790
Wimberly, William WILL
Win, Frances 1790
Win, Miner 1790
Winfrey, George 1790
Winfry, Thomas WILL
Winney, Kesiah 1790
Wise, Jacob WILL
Wise, Jocob 1790
Wise, Racheal WILL
Wise, Sarah, WILL
Wiseman, Thos. 1790
Witt, Jon. 1790
Wlch, Anhabel 1790
Wolton, Moses 1790
Wolton, Nelly 1790
Woodroof, Wilson WILL
Wooten, Joab WILL
Wooton, Jacob 1790
Worthington, Elijah WILL
Wray, John 1790
Wright, James WILL
Wright, John 1790
Wright, John WILL
Wright, Meshack WILL
Wright, Mesheck 1790
Wright, Saml. 1790
Wyat, William 1790
Wynn, William WILL













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