Military Units Formed in Florida

Florida 4th Infantry Regiment

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The Florida 4th Infantry Regiment was organized in the summer of 1861 at Jacksonville, Florida. The men were raised in the counties of Gadsden, Franklin, Madison, New River, LaFayette, Columbia, Marion, Levy, Liberty, Washington, Jackson, and Hillsborough. For a time it served in Florida, then was assigned to General Preston's, Stovall's, Finley's, and J.A. Smith's Brigade, Army of Tennessee. During December, 1863, it was consolidated with the 1st Forida Cavalry Regiment. The 4th was engaged at Murfreesboro and Jackson, participated in the campaigns of the army from Chickamauga to Nashville, and saw action in North Carolina. It was organized with 983 officers and men and lost forty-two percent of the 468 engaged at Murfreesboro, forty percent of the 217 at Chickamauga, and eighty-nine percent of the 172 at Missionary Ridge. The 1st/4th totalled 198 men and 109 arms in December, 1863. The regiment surrendered 23 men in April, 1865.


    Colonels Wiles L. L. Bowen, Edward Hopkins, and James P. Hunt; Lieutenant Colonels Edward Badger and M.W. Smith; and Majors Jacob A. Lash and John T. Lesley.



    Field Staff and Band
    Company A
    Company B
    Company C
    Company D
    Company E
    Company F
    Company G
    Company H
    Company I
    Company K


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