The Civil War
in Georgia

A Guide to Georgia Civil War Research

We still contemplate with a bit of angst even afer 150 years the devastation done by the Federal Army to the people and property of Georgia. We are now remembering the Sesquicentennial in Georgia of a war against the southern people that had already seen thousands killed.

While a dozen other engagements had transpired along the coast in the preceeding 3 years, this was the first time the yankees had invaded Georgia. The coming year and a half beginning with the Battle of Chickamauga on the 18th, the upcoming Atlanta Campaign, and Sherman's March to the Sea in 1864 destroyed the state of Georgia and saw many thousands of civilians killed and uprooted from their homes.

Georgia Battles April, 1864

ba001927 Ducktown Road Apr. 3, 1864
ba003432 Nickajack Trace Apr. 23, 1864
ba004542 Taylor's Ridge Apr. 27, 1864

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