Georgia 50th Infantry Regiment

The 50th Georgia Volunteer Infantry was organized in March of 1862 at Camp Davis which was located outside of Guyton, Georgia near Savannah. Most of the 50th Georgia regiment’s ranks were filled with men from the South Georgia area. On 20 March 1862 the regiment was brigaded along with the 48th, 49th, and 51st Georgia Volunteer Infantry regiments. The original commander was Colonel William R. Manning.

The regiment participated in more than 45 engagements during the war. It fought for most of the war in Virginia except for the early days in Savannah, GA, and when it accompanied Longstreet to Tennessee where it fought at Chickamauga and Knoxville.

The majority of the 50th was captured at Saylor’s Creek. The 50th surrendered at Appomattox with 1 captain, 2 lieutenants, 2 surgeons, and 25 men.

Peter McGlashin of this regiment is often referred to as General in numerous post-war references and that he received his Generalship, late in the war. None of my reference sources list this either, except for Henderson. And I point this out: 1) The brigade was commanded by James Simms at the time, and Simms and McGlashin were both captured at Sailor's Creek; this incident, while creating a vacancy at the brigade level, does not provide McGlashan with the opportunity to fill it. 2) Some people feel that since McGlashan was state commander of the confederate veterans, that the title General was honorary.

McGlashan, Peter Alexander Selkirk-Colonel.


Rosters of this regiment may be found in Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia

• Company A - Satilla Rangers (Pierce County)
• Company B - Ware Volunteers (Ware County)
• Company C - Coffee County Guards (Coffee County)
• Company D - Valdosta Guards (Lowndes County)
• Company E - Thomas County Rangers (Thomas County)
• Company F - Decatur Infantry (Decatur County)
• Company G - Clinch Volunteers (Clinch and Echols Counties)
• Company H - Colquitt Marksmen (Colquitt County)
Company I - Berrien Light Infantry (Berrien County)
• Company K - Brooks Volunteers (Brooks County)


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