Georgia 63rd Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The 63rd Georgia Volunteer Regiment was both an infantry and a heavy artillery unit during its service to the Confederacy. It was originally organized in Savannah commanded by Colonel George A. Gordon.

The nucleus of the 63d Regiment Ga. Inf. was Captain George A. Gordon's Co., which was attached to the 1st (Olmstead's) Regiment Ga. Volunteer Infantry from its creation on May 30, 1861 to April 26, 1862. The company was then divided into three companies and renamed the 13th Battalion. Ga. Volunteer Inf. (also known as the Phoenix Battn. and as Gordon's Battn.). In December 1862, the battalion was increased to regimental size by the addition of 1st Co. A, 12th Battn. Ga. Light Artillery, which became Co. A and six newly organized companies, which were partly created by transferring men from companies of the 13th Battn. Ga. Inf. Company A, of the 13th Battn. Ga. Inf. became Co. F; Co. B became Co K; Co. C became Co. B, of the newly formed regiment. The newly formed regiment was officially designated the 63d Regiment Ga. Infantry.


Assigned to the Departments of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida
General Mercer's and J.A. Smith's Brigade, Army of Tennessee.


Colonel: George A. Gordon
Lieutenant Colonel: George R. Black
Majors: Joseph V. H. Allen
John R. Giles


Thunderbolt Island
Rosedew Island
Battery Wagner
The Atlanta Campaign
The Carolinas Campaign


Rosters of this regiment may be found in The NEW Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia Vol. 50.

Company A - Richmond County, Ga. - Oglethorpe Light Artillery
Company B - Chatham County, Ga. - Phoenix Riflemen
Company C, Miscellaneous Counties
Company D, Miscellaneous Counties
Company E, Miscellaneous Counties
Company F, - Chatham And Other Counties
Company G, - Spalding And Neighboring Counties
Company H - Jefferson, Laurens, And Other Counties
Company I - Bartow And Other Counties
Company K - Chatham And Other Counties



Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies