Georgia Military Institute Infantry Battalion



Upon the zeal and honor of this battalion
rests the good name of their state
and the safety of Augusta.

Maj. Gen. Lafayette McClaws
Order dated May 1, 1865
(the last official order of a Confederate Officer)

    Organized May, 1864. Surrendered at Augusta, GA on May 20, 1865.

    This unit was also known as Capers Battalion Georgia Militia. The rosters of Capers Battalion are found in the Southern Historical Society Papers. This regiment was made up of 16 and 18 year old boys from GA, TN, SC, and AL - all cadets at the Georgia Military Institute and commanded by Gen. Frank W. Capers.

    The article from the Southern Historical Society Papers gives some details of the unit's service. It was written by a member of Company B in 1905. Members of Company A and B are listed - but it stated it's a partial list.

    None of the listed men appear in either of the index compillations - Broadfoots (which is generally considered to be complete for the Confederate units) and Henderson's Roster of the Confederate Soldiers of Georgia (which has some known and recognized problems). Col. Jones, Georgia in the War, which was written just after the war, and considered to list every unit and their leaders, also has no mention of this unit.

    All of the cadets were from 16 - 18 years of age. Julius L. Brown, Color Corporal of Company A was the son of the Governor of Georgia - Joseph E. Brown. Samuel Spencer of Company B became president of Southern Railway later in life. Hal T. Lewis of Company B became a Supreme Court Justice!

    They were first under fire at the battle of Resaca. Lt. James S. Oates of the 9th Illinois Mounted Infantry stated in his memoirs, "It was during the advance of that day that we came in contact with the Georgia Cadets, from the Military Institute in Marietta, who had come out from the woods at Resaca and formed their line behind a rail fence. After a volley from the cadets, which killed several of our men, our regiment charged them."

    They fought throughout the remainder of the Atlanta Campaign and were involved in a number of battles with Sherman as he marched to Savannah.

    "The Georgia Cadets were the last organized Confederate soldiers on duty east of the Mississippi river, and their last service, as the first, was on provost duty, guarding the city of Augusta, Ga., and the Confederate arsenals and army stores of that city. They obeyed the last order of a Confederate officer, Major-General Lafayette McLaws. That order was issued after the surrenders of General Lee and General Johnston and was dated May 1, 1865, and they served under that order till the 20th of May 1865...

      "SPECIAL ORDER. - headquarters, Augusta, Ga May 1, 1865. The battalion of Georgia Cadets will proceed at once to the city hall, in the city of Augusta, taking one day's rations with them, and will bivouac there until further orders, for the purpose of preserving order in said city. They will suppress all disturbances and will make such details for the preservation of order and property as may be called for by Major Henry Bryan, Inspector general. Upon the zeal and honor of this battalion rests the good name of their state and the safety of Augusta.


    Capers, General Frank W., Commander
    Fitten, John A., Sergeant Major & Quartermaster
    Crutchfield, Jack F., Adjutant


    Resaca, GA
    West Point, GA
    Milledgeville, GA
    Waynesboro, GA
    Millen, GA
    Savannah, GA


    Company A

    Austin, James S., Captain
    Hill, Lodowick J., First Lieutenant
    Courvoisier, Frank E., Second Lieutenant
    McClesky, James R., Third Lieutenant
    Faver, Paul, First Sergeant Major
    Searcy, W. E. H., Orderly Sergeant
    Henderson, Cary Wood, Second Sergeant
    Elyea, Theodore A., Third Sergeant
    Symmes, J. W., Fourth Sergeant
    Todd, J. Scott, Fifth Sergeant
    Arnold, J. A., Corporal

    Privates of Company A

    Adams, ?
    Adams, ?
    Akers, ?
    Alexander, A. H.
    Arnold, F.
    Arnold, Park
    Atkinson, B.
    Bellingrath. Herman
    Blanton, Benjamin P.
    Bozeman, ?
    Bridges, ?
    Brooks, B. E.
    Brumby, E.
    Brumby, J.
    Burke, W. H.
    Burroughs, J.
    Cabaniss, E.
    Cabaniss, H. H.
    Campbell, Jos. F.
    Carlton, ?
    Cashin, Ed
    Clarke, ?
    Cockerell, ?
    Crutchfield, Wm. Ambrose
    Dabney, ?
    D'Antignac, Frank
    Dorsey, John Isham
    Dozier, ?
    Edwards, J. Polk
    Elliott, ?
    Everett, ?
    Fitzpatrick, ?
    Flake, Warren W.
    Foster, A. W.
    Freemna, ?
    Gary, J.
    Gary, W.
    Gould, ?
    Green, John M.
    Hamilton, Thomas A.
    Hardee, J.
    Hardee, W. P.
    Harlee, ?
    Harrington, Henry P.
    Harris, John
    Haslem, George Perry
    Hawkins, J. C.
    Head, George, M.
    Hill, A. W.
    Hill, Thomas A.
    Hinton, John
    Holland, ?
    Holmes, John H.
    Houston, ?
    Howard, ?
    Huger, ?
    Jones, H. P.
    Jones, Henry
    Jones, W. D.
    Jones, W. (Jr.,)
    King, Barrington
    Kollock, ?
    Land, J. H.
    Lane, W. S.
    Latimer, Charles T.
    Leseuer, ?
    Lester, T. G.
    Livingston, ?
    Lovett, Robert O.
    McCarthy, ?
    McClellan, ?
    McLeod, George
    McCleskey, L. L.
    McHenry, W. S.
    McWhorter, Madison
    McWhorter, Rogert Ligon
    Mann, Charley
    Marshall, C.
    Mims, ?
    Mims, W. H.
    Myrick, G. D.
    Myrick, J. D.
    Napier, ?
    Nevett, ?
    Noble, Stephens
    Owens, James
    Parsons, William H.
    Patillo, George
    Pearce, James
    Pearce, J. W.
    Plant, Robert H.
    Randall, Bush
    Redding, ?
    Reese, ?
    Robert, W. H.
    Roberts, Wiley
    Robinson, A.
    Robinson, E.
    Roddy, R. L.
    Rucker, Jeptha H.
    Rucker, Tinsley W.
    Ryan, Lawrence T.
    Sapp, A. J.
    Schley, B.
    Schley, G.
    Schofield, ?
    Sheppard, W. T.
    Shumake, W.
    Slappey, A. B.
    Smith, Archibald A.
    Smith, H. H.
    Smith, W.
    Solomon, W.
    Spain, ?
    Taft, W.
    Thurman, Jas, T.
    Tilson, Mitchel
    Turnbull, J. J.
    Waitzefelder, Abraham
    Walker, C.
    Walker J.
    Waters, Byron B.
    Watson, ?
    Williams, C.
    Williams, M.
    Woodward, James P.
    Wynn, Joesph H.


    Coleman, George C., Color Sergeant
    Brown, Julius L., Color Corporal
    Hulsey, A. J., Color Corporal
    Milner, Thomas W., Color Corporal
    Dewes, Henry W., Color Corporal
    Dunwoody, Henry A., Color Corporal

    Company B

    Manget, Victor E., Captain
    Solomon, Charles H., First Lieutenant
    Hazelhurst, P., Second Lieutenant
    White, Steele, Third Lieutenant
    Einstein, Frank, Fourth Lieutenant


    Ward, T. A., First Sergeant
    Bussey, Tom, Second Sergeant
    Harris, Isaac P., Third Sergeant
    Montgomery, Seaborn, Fourth Sergeant


    Lee, B. Frank
    Linn, C. W.
    Acree, Thomas
    Symmes, J.
    Jones, F.
    Anderson, J. K.
    McNealy, Marianna
    Stokes, J. H.
    Jordan, Stephen G.

    Privates of Company B

    Allen, J. L.
    Atkinson, R. H.
    Baker, W.
    Beall, ?
    Bignon, ?
    Billingslea, Clay
    Bolger, ?
    Bomar, W. A.
    Bostick, ?
    Bozeman, ?
    Brantley, ?
    Breese, W. E.
    Brown, C.
    Brown, R.
    Bryan, ?
    Burt, F.
    Bussey, Nathan
    Calhoun, O.
    Cameron, H. C.
    Chaney, T. G.
    Coleman, J. D.
    Collier, William E.
    Commander, ?
    Culverhous, Augustus
    Compton, Lyomn H.
    Cunningham, D.
    Dean, Jesse
    Dean. W.
    Dunwoody, ?
    Faver, J. D.
    Goldsmith, Tom B.
    Goldsmith, Paul
    Goode, Samuel W.
    Gould, ?
    Griffin, J. W.
    Griffin, Samuel
    Grubbs, James W.
    Guyton, ?
    Harris, W.
    Heidt, C. B.
    Hitchcock, Winfield
    Holliday, George H.
    Holmes, ?
    Hood, M. F.
    Hudson, J. M.
    Hughes, ?
    Hulbert, ?
    Humber, Lucius
    Hunt, T. J.
    Hunting, ?
    Johnston, A.
    Johnston, Malcolm
    Johnston, T.
    Jones, D. A.
    Jones, H. B.
    Jones, W. M.
    Jordan, Edmond
    Kollock, ?
    Lamar, Lucius J.
    Lamar, Ophillo V.
    Lee, Lewis T.
    Lee, Oscar
    Lewis, Hal T.
    Ligon, ?
    Little, W. W.
    Loftin, Frank S.
    Loud, ?
    Luckie, Alfred T.
    Mabry, J.
    Markley, Wm A.
    Marsh, Clayton H.
    McClatchey, W. Penn
    Mays, ?
    McLaure, ?
    McLeod, John
    Mobley, Reuben B.
    Moores, J.
    Moore, W. F.
    Mousseau, ? 
    Myrick, A. B.
    Myrick W. E.
    Neufville, ?
    Newsome, Willard H.
    Parrott, ?
    Partee, ?
    Patillo, W. F.
    Persons, Robert T.
    Persons, Thomas
    Rahn, James M.
    Ramsey, ?
    Remshart, G. Horace
    Reynolds, Homer V.
    Richter, M. L.
    Reynolds, Fletcher P.
    Robertson, ?
    Rodgers, Robert L.
    Sanders, O. A. (Cube)
    Sharp, ?
    Shropshire, Andrew J.
    Shoemake, W. W.
    Smart, ?
    Smith, Richard R.
    Smith, Thomas N.
    Spencer, Samuel
    Staten, ?
    Stevens, N. C. (Dick)
    Stevenson, V. K.
    Stotesbury, ?
    Tenant, ?
    Thomas, Isaac
    Traylor, R. B.
    Ulmer, ?
    Vance, ?
    Villard, W. D.
    Walton, Taylor
    Waters, J. C.
    Wesson, M.
    Wesson, T.
    Wilcox, ?
    Williams, O. S.
    Williams, T.
    Wright, B. F.
    Wright, C.
    Young, Thomas




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