Georgia 3rd Infantry Regiment

The Third Georgia Infantry was organized in late April, 1861. In the spring of 1862, the Third Georgia Infantry returned to Virginia and joined the Army of Northern Virginia. It served in that way for the remainder of the war.

A history of this regiment is on line.

This regiment served in the Departments of Norfolk, North Carolina, and Middle and Eastern Florida before being assigned to the Army of Northern Virginia. Here it was under the command of General A.R. Wright and after November, 1864, General Sorrell.

Wright, Ambrose Ransom-Colonel May 8, 1861. ----Promoted from private, Co. G.

Sturges, John R.-Colonel June 19, 1862.----Promoted from 1st Lieutenant Co. A.

Walker, Edward J.--Colonel July 1, 1862.----Promoted from Captain, Co. G.

Reid, James S. Lieutenant Colonel May 10, 1861. ----Promoted from Captain, Co. D.

Sturges, John R.-Lieutenant Colonel June 15, 1862. ----Promoted from 1st Lieutenant, Co. A.

Walker, Edward J. Lieutenant Colonel June 19, 1862. ----Promoted from Captain, Co. G.

Nisbet, Reuben B--Lieutenant Colonel July 1, 1862. ----Promoted from Captain, Co. B.

Snead, Claiborne--Lieutenant Colonel August 21, 1864. ----Promoted from 1st Lieutenant Co. G.

Lee, Augustus H.-Major May 8, 1861.----Promoted from Captain, Co. H.

Sturges, John R. Major April 28, 1862.----Promoted from 1st Lieutenant, Co. A.

Walker, Edward J.-Major June 15, 1862.----Promoted from Captain, Co. G.

Jones, John F. Major July 1, 1862. ----Promoted from 1st Lieutenant Co. H.

Montgomery, Alexander B. Elected 1st Lieutenant, Co. D, 1st Regiment Ga. Regulars March 16, 1861. Appointed to temporary rank of Major August 1, 1862. Elected Major, 3d Regiment Ga. Inf. August 5, 1862. Wounded, 2d Manassas, Va. August 28, 1862. Relieved as Major December 23, 1862. Elected Lieut. Colonel May 12, 1863; Colonel May 16, 1863. Assigned to duty as Commandant of prisoners, Charleston, S. C. September 15, 1864.

Hayes, George E. Major August 15, 1864.----Promoted from Jr. 2d Lieutenant Co. K.

South Mills April 19, 1862
Seven Pines May 31 - June 1, 1862
Malvern Hill July 1, 1862
Second Manassas Campaign August 16 - September 2, 1862
Sharpsburg September 16 - 17, 1862
Fredericksburg December 12 - 15, 1862
Chancellorsville April 27 - May 6, 1863
Gettysburg Campaign June 3 - August 1, 1863
Wilderness Campaign May 4 - June 12, 1864
Spottsylvania May 8 - 21, 1864
Cold Harbor June 1 - 12, 1864
Appomattox Campaign March 28 - April 9, 1865
Surrender, Appomattox Court House April 9, 1865

Rosters of this regiment may be found in Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia

Field Staff and Band
Company A, Burke Guards, Burke County, Captain Charles Musgrove.
Company B, Brown Rifles, Putnam County, Captain Reuben B. Nisbet.
Company C, Dawson Grays, Green County, Captain Robert L. McWhorter.
Company D, Home Guards, Morgan County, Captain Charles H. Andrews.
Company E, Governor's Guards - Houston County
Company F, Wilkinson Rifles, Wilkinson County, Captain William 0. Beall.
Company G, Confederate Light Guards, Richmond County, Captain Edward J. Walker.
Company H, Young Guards, Newton County, Captain John F. Jones.
Company I, Blodget Volunteers, Richmond County, Captain Foster Blodget.
Company K, Athens Guards, Clarke County, Captain Henry C. Billups.


Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies

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