Georgia 4th Cavalry Regiment (Avery's)

The Georgia 4th Cavalry Regiment (Avery’s) was formed with eleven companies in January, 1863, using Avery's 23rd Georgia Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. It served for a time with the Conscript Department in Tennessee, then was assigned to J.J. Morrison's, C.C. Crews', and Iverson's Brigade. The regiment participated in the Chickamauga, Knoxville, and Atlanta Campaigns, skirmished in Northern Georgia and East Tennessee, and took part in the defense of Savannah. In January, 1865, the unit was reorganized and called the 12th Cavalry. It went on to fight in the Carolinas and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

Research of this unit is complicated by the fact that there was another 4th Cavalry (Clinch’s). No roster of the 23rd Cavalry Battalion or the 4th Cavalry (Avery’s) has been found. The records are all filed in the state archive microfilm as the GA 12th Cavalry Regiment although the unit only assumed this designation right at the end of the war and is referred to throughout the war as the Georgia 4th Cavalry Regiment.

Avery, Isaac W., Colonel The following note appears in Jones' book.

NOTE: It has been unofficially stated that he was, before the close of the War, promoted to grade of brigadier-general. P. A. C. S. He has, in his History of Georgia, emphasized his belief in fact of his promotion.

Cook, William L., Lieut. Colonel
Owen, D. Jackson, Major
Stewart, Augustus R., Major

As the Georgia Dragoons:
As the Georgia 4th Cavalry Regiment:
The Atlanta Campaign
Defense of Savannah
The Carolinas Campaign

Armstrong's Company
Gower's Company
Robertson's Company
Pirkle's Company
Dorsey's Company
White's Company


Jones - Georgia in the War

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