Georgia 1st Infantry Regiment Regulars

1st Regulars Infantry Regiment completed its organization at Macon, Georgia, in April, 1861, and soon moved to Virginia. The men were from Atlanta and Brunswick, and Glynn and Montgomery counties. It was brigaded under General Toombs and in April, 1862, contained 367 effectives. Transferred to G.T. Anderson's Brigade, the unit fought with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Fredericksburg . It then was ordered to Florida, assigned to G.P. Harrison's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, and fought at Olustee. During the summer of 1864, it was stationed in the Charleston area and later saw action at Savannah and in North Carolina. The regiment reported 3 killed and 19 wounded at Savage's Station , had 27 killed and 77 wounded at Second Manassas , and lost 3 killed and 25 wounded at Olustee . Only 45 officers and men surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

In December of 1864, this regiment was stationed at Savannah and drew rations for 228 men on Dec. 16, 1864.

A first hand account, Footprints of a Regiment by W. H. Andrews is available for this unit.

Colonels William J. Magill, Richard A. Wayne, and Charles J. Williams; Lieutenant Colonels E.W. Chastain, Miller Grieve, Jr., and William Martin; and Majors E.R. Harden, A.A. Franklin Hill, William D. Smith, and John D. Walker.
Olustee, FL
Siege of Savannah - Dec. 1864
The Carolina's Campaign Jan. - Mar. 1865
Bentonville, NC - MAR 19 - 21 1865

The men of this regiment were from Atlanta and Brunswick, and Glynn and Montgomery counties.
Field Staff and Band
Company A
Company B
Company C
Company D
Company E
Company F
Company G
Company H
Company I
Company K
Company L - Fulton County Atlanta Greys or Fulton Greys
Company M


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