The Civil War in Georgia

Roswell Cavalry Battalion Local Defense Troops

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    The battalion was organized on June 28, 1863. "This company is organized for home defense to protect the portion of the state of Georgia lying north of Atlanta to the Alabama and Tennessee lines (under the Act of Congress for home defense), not to be called upon except to repel a raid of the Yankees and not to be kept on service longer than is necessary for that special purpose. A large portion are composed of detailed men now at work for the Confederate State Government under Major G.W. Cunningham, Q.M. for Atlanta at Roswell Factories, 20 miles north of Atlanta. It is composed of men and boys from 60 years down to 16 years of age.”

    “This company was originally a battalion of Infantry, Cavalry, and Artillery, organized for local defense and composed principally of the men detailed to operate the cotton and woolen mills at Roswell, Cobb County, Georgia. Having been ordered into field service at the evacuation of Marietta by our forces, a number of the men deserted: after which the Captain Commanding the battery was ordered to turn over the artillery and mount the remainder of the men, they mounting themselves."

    On December 31, 1864 Roswell Battalion merged with the 24th Alabama Cavalry Battalion Co.B, Co. A Georgia and later merged with the 53rd Alabama Cavalry Regiment, Partisan Rangers All three Cavalry units served in the Confederate States of America, Army of Tennessee with General Joseph Wheeler's Cavalry Corps.

    They were paroled May 8, 1965 in Augusta Georgia by orders from Col. Moses Wright Hannon.



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