Georgia 4th Cavalry Regiment (Clinch's)



    This regiment was formed in January 1863, using the 3rd Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. Most of the men were from Wayne, Glynn, and Camden Counties. It served along the Georgia coast until the summer of 1864 when it was assigned to M. W. Hannon's command. It served in Alabama and northern Georgia. Sifakis states that there is no record of this regiment past 20 SEP 1864, but Crute states that they participated in the defense of Savannah, and the Carolina's Campaign and in March of 1865, the regiment had 200 officers and men and was surrendered by Gen. Johnston in North Carolina.

    The following history on this regiment was provided by John Griffin ( In honor and remembrance of the ancestors who served with this regiment, lest they be forgotten, this regimental history is dedicated to:

    Confusion in research: Two 4th Georgia Cavalry regiments

    The 4th (Clinch's) Cavalry regiment was formed in January 1863 using the 3rd Georgia Cavalry Battalion as it nucleus. Colonel Duncan L. Clinch was its founder. There was another Georgia Cavalry of 11 companies designated also as the 4th Georgia Cavalry under the command of Colonel Isaac W. Avery. That regiment is often referred to as (Avery's) 4th Georgia Cavalry and used Avery's 23rd Georgia Cavalry Battalion as its nucleus. When researching any 4th Georgia Cavalry action, it is important to review the commanding officers as to not confuse the two separate units.

    Colonel Clinch's regiment drew many of its men from Wayne, Glynn and Camden counties. Company Officers included:

    Company A Captain J.S. Wiggins
    Company B Captain W.M. Hazzard
    Company C Captain N.A. Brown
    Company D Captain John Raddick
    Company E Captain Robert N. King
    Company F Captain J.P. Turner
    Company G Captain A. McMillian
    Company H Captain T.S. Wylley
    Company I Captain J.C. Nichols
    Company K Captain D. Crum

    The regiment served on the Georgia coast from 1862 until the spring of 1864. At that time it was assigned to General M. W. Hannon's command as part of General Wheelers Cavalry Corps in the Army of Tennessee.

    It skirmished in Northern Georgia, Alabama, and later in the Atlanta campaign and the subsequent movements in Georgia battling the invading army commanded by Sherman.

    In the Spring of 1865 the regiment was active in the campaign of the Carolinas. A report stated that the unit contained 200 officers and men in March 1865 and was included in the surrender of the Army of Tennessee in Goldsboro, North Carolina.


    Clinch, Duncan L. - Colonel
    Harris, John L. - Lieut. Colonel
    McDonald, Jesse C. - Major


    Near Brunswick - 8 JUN 1863
    Olustee - 20 FEB 1864
    Atlanta Campaign - MAY - SEP 1864
    Atlanta Siege - JUL - SEP 1864
    Siege of Savannah - NOV - DEC 1864
    Carolinas Campaign - JAN - MAR 1865
    Bentonville - APR 1865


    The Compiled Service Records of the members of this regiment may be found in microfilm roll series M266. The complete series contains 607 rolls of film. The compiled service records are indexed on M226. These film are available from the Georgia Archive s.
      Roll # CSR-21 Surnames A-CH
      Roll # CSR-22 Surnames CL-GO
      Roll # CSR-23 Surnames GR-K
      Roll # CSR-24 Surnames L-M
      Roll # CSR-25 Surnames N-SM
      Roll # CSR-26 Surnames SN-Z
    Company A
    Company B
    Company E
    Company H
    Company K




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