The Washington Artillery Company of Augusta, Georgia, was one of the finest units mustered into Southern service in the early spring of 1861. Well trained, well armed and superbly led, the company was the pride of the state and of its home city. It was the first artillery battery taken into the Confederate Army from Georgia. In its first (and only) major engagement at Shiloh a year later, the battery exhibited the kind of dash and discipline expected of regular troops. Its conduct on the first day of that battle, in conjunction with the infantry brigade of General John K. Jackson, could serve as an example of how small unit infantry-artillery combined operations should be conducted.

    After Captain Girardey left the unit it was called Burtwell’s Battery, and from August 1862 to the end of the war it was Pritchard’s Battery.


    Capt. Isadore P. Girardey
    1st Lt. George T. Barnes
    2nd Lt. J. Julius Jacobus
    2nd Lt. Charles Spaeth
    1st Sgt. Herman Brandt
    2nd Sgt. John Miller
    3rd Sgt. Henry Malcolmes
    4th Sgt. Edward E. Pritchard
    5th Sgt. Robert Wallace
    1st Cpl. John Doscher
    2nd Cpl. Edward Heubel
    3rd Cpl. William T. Dortic
    4th Cpl. Francis Rommel
    Artificer Charles Quentel
    Artificer Thomas H. Fisher
    Artificer Patrick Sharkey





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