Georgia 1st Infantry Regiment (Ramsey's)

HISTORICAL NOTES: This regiment was formed March 17, 1861 and disbanded in March of 1862 at the end of 12 month's service. Most of the men were reassigned to the 12th Artillery Battalion. Company A became Company B of the 12th Artillery Battalion, then was reassigned as 2nd Company A. Company D became Company A of the 12th Artillery Battalion, then was transferred about October or November of 1862 to the 13th Georgia Infantry Battalion. In December 1862 that battalion was increased in size to regimental strength and became known as Gordon's Regiment, which subsequently became the 63rd Regiment Georgia Infantry. This company became Co. A, Oglethorpe Infantry, 63rd Regiment Georgia Volunteer Infantry.

Two first hand accounts are available for this unit:
Memoirs of a Veteran by Capt. Isaac Hermann
Under The Stars & Bars by Walter A. Clark

This regiment served under R.S. Garnett and H.R. Jackson, then during Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign was attached to General D.S. Donelson's Brigade.
Ramsey, James N.
Lieut. Colonel:
Clarke, James O.
Thompson, George H.
Thompson, George H.
Anderson, James W.
Anderson, James W.
Palmer, Joseph
Campbell, Dr.

Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign


Field Staff and Band
Company A
Company B
Company C
Company D
Company E
Company F
Company G
Company H
Company I
Company K


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