Georgia 5th Cavalry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: This regiment was formed by the consolidation of the 1st and 2nd Georgia Cavalry Battalions on 20 JAN 1863. The men were from McIntosh County - 2 troops; Liberty County-2 troops; Chatham County - 2 troops; Bulloch, Lamar, Effingham, and Screven. It was surrendered at Hillsboro, Orange County, North Carolina on 26 APR 1865.
A letter home by O. D. Chester, Company G.

Anderson, Robert Houston - Colonel
Bird, Edward - Lieut. Colonel, Colonel
Davant, Jr. R. J. - Major, Lieut. Colonel
Wiltberger, William H. - Major


The Compiled Service Records of the members of this regiment may be found in microfilm roll series M266. The complete series contains 607 rolls of film. The compiled service records are indexed on M226. These film are available from the Georgia Archives. br> Roll # CSR-28 Surnames A-C
Roll # CSR-29 Surnames D-G
Roll # CSR-30 Surnames H-Mc
Roll # CSR-31 Surnames ME-SL
Roll # CSR-32 Surnames SM-Z
Company D - Liberty Guards
Company K-McIntosh Cavalry (McIntosh Light Dragoons)

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