Georgia 1st Infantry Battalion State Guards


The Georgia 1st Infantry Battalion State Guards was formed in August of 1863 for 6 months service as local defense for the Columbus Arsenal. The battalion was also known as the Ordnance Battalion and the Columbus Arsenal Battalion. The roster of this battalion shows that this was a separate unit from the Columbus City Infantry Battalion although the two units saw similar service. This unit was evidently formed under the authority of the state, while the Columbus City Battalion was under the command of the City.


Oliveros, J.B. - Rank in Lieutenant Colonel. Rank out Lieutenant Colonel. Formerly Captain, Company A, Florida 3rd Infantry Regiment.
Baldwin, W. W. - Rank in Major. Rank out Major.


Assigned as guards of the Columbus Arsenal

Wilson's Raid
The Battle of Columbus (April 16, 1865)


Company A - Captain J. P. Murray
Company B - Charles T. Nash
Company C - J. B. Welch
Company D - Jeff Brady
Company E - W. R. Kent