The Civil War in Georgia

Georgia 5th Infantry Regiment
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    Relaxing in camp are soldiers of the "Clinch Rifles," Company A, 5th Georgia Infantry Regiment. The original of this image, taken on a wet plate glass negative printed the image backwards, causing the "CR" in on the tent and bucket to be reversed. Note the First National pattern Confederate flag hanging on the tent pole beside the black servant.


    Organized May 11, 1861
    Company L. organized April 19, 1862
    Company N. organized May 16, 1862
    Companies H, L, & N became Companies A, B, & C of the 2nd Sharpshooters Battalion on July 18, 1862.
    Reorganized on May 8, 1862
    Surrendered - Durham Station, Orange County, NC - April 26, 1865


    Jackson, John King, Colonel
    Manghum, Samuel W, Colonel
    Black, William T., Colonel
    Daniel, Charles P., Colonel
    Day, Charles B., Lieut. Colonel
    Iverson, John F. Lieut. Colonel
    Beall, Thomas, Lieut. Colonel
    Salisbury, William Lewis, Major
    Daniel, Charles P., Major
    Ansley, David H., Major
    Hundley, William B., Major
    Black, William T., Adjutant
    Cheatham, Rufus Sidney, Adjutant
    Carter, Levi M., Chaplain
    Dodd, Jacob E., Chaplain
    Ford, Francis G., Sergeant Major
    Shields, William S., Sergeant Major
    Griffin, James B., Sergeant Major
    Cumming, Joseph B., Sergeant Major
    Cole, James M., Assistant Quartermaster
    Hart, James S., Assistant Quartermaster
    Roberts, Joseph C., Quartermaster Sergeant
    Crane, William H. Jr., Quartermaster Sergeant
    Allen, Jacob A., Ordnance Sergeant
    Fleming, Thomas, Surgeon
    Flewellen, Edward A., Surgeon
    Griggs, John Gardner, Acting Surgeon
    Butts, James A., Assistant Surgeon
    Thompkins, Frank A., Assistant Surgeon
    Holt, W. J., Assistant Surgeon
    Frost, John, Assistant Surgeon
    Hubert, John Pride, Hospital Steward
    Meadows, Miles P., Hospital Steward
    Hudson, Charles B., Hospital Steward
    Montgomery, Hugh B. T., Commissary
    Barnes, Thomas P., Ensign
    Hess, Bernard, Chief Musician
    Beall, William X., Musician


    Pensacola, Florida (September - October 1861)
    Department of Alabama and West Florida (October 1861 - March 1862)
    Jackson's Brigade, Wither's Division, 2nd Corps, Army Department #2 (April-June 1862)
    Jackson's Brigade, Reserve Corps, Army of the Mississippi (June-July 1862) Jackson's Brigade, Withers' Division, Right Wing, Army of the Mississippi Department #2 August-November 1862)
    Jackson's Brigade, Withers' Division, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee (November - December 1862)
    Jackson's Brigade, Army of Tennessee (December 1862 - August 1863)
    Jackson's Brigade, Cheatham's Division, 1t Corps, Army of tennessee (August 1863 - February 1864)
    Jackson's Brigade, Walker's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Tennessee (February - July 1864)
    Taliaferro's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia and Florida (July - September 1864)
    Post of Florence, South Carolina, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (October - November 1864)
    Harrison's Command, Taliaferro's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (November-December 1864) Harrison's Bridage, McLaw's Division, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida (December 1864 - April 1865) Harrison's Brigade, Walthall's Division, 3rd Crops, Army of Tennessee (April 1865)


    Santa Rosa Island (October 9, 1861)
    Corinth Campaign (April-June 1862)
    Murfreesboro (December 31, 1862 - January 3, 1863)
    Tullahoma Campaign (June - August 1863)
    Chickamauga (September 19 & 20, 1863)
    Chattanooga Siege (September - November 1863)
    Chattanooga (November 23, 1863)
    Atlanta Campaign (May - September 1864)
    Savannah Campaign (November - December 1864)
    Tullifiny Station (December 1864)
    Carolinas Campaign (February - April 1865)
    Bentonville (March 19 - 21 1865)



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