The National Archive records of the men who served in the Georgia State Line are scattered. Part of the confusion stems from the various names of the units. This page endeavors to sort out the units known as "First" units. Others are numbered or named after their commanders or the cities where they were organized.

    There was a unit commanded by Col. E. M. Galt that was officially the "1st Regiment Georgia State Line." It was organized at Camp McDonald, Big Shanty on 21 February 1863. Two cavalry companies were assigned to this regiment at various times in 1864-1865. It was under direct control of Georgia Governor Joe Brown and generally referred to as "Joe Brown's Pets." All of the other designations including the words Guards, Militia, Reserves, etc. were not a part of this unit, but generally served within the state of Georgia and saw service in the Atlanta and Carolinas Campaigns.

1st (Galt's) Regiment Georgia, State Line
Col. Edward M. Galt 

Lt. Col. James G. Bryan 

Lt. Col. John M. Brown 

Lt. Col. Albert Howell

Co. A Albert Howell Catoosa
Co. B Joe Brown Defenders John H. Patrick Franklin
Co. C Fort Infantry William Howe Floyd
Co. D Blue Ridge Rangers Robert A. Graham Lumpkin
Co. E State Rights Guards Francis M. Cowen Cobb, Fulton
Co. F
Georgia Blues Elihu G. Nelson Bartow
Co. G Chattahoochee Rangers Littleton Stephens Banks, White
Co. H Gilmer Browns James G. Bryan 

Robert E. McAfee 

Andrew Jackson West

Co. I Galt Volunteers Robert H. Norris Whitfield
Co. K Railroad Bridge Guards Edward M. Galt 

William Tate

Gordon, Murray
Cavalry Co. Cowen's Cavalry 

State Scouts 

State Mountain Infantry 

Talbot's Scouts

Francis M. Cowen 

Matthew Henry Talbot

Francis M. Cowen was captain of this company until some time in August 1864 when Matthew Henry Talbot became its captain and the company became known as Talbot's Scouts.
This regiment was organized around 12 February 1862 to serve as local defense. See Joe Brown's Army: The Georgia State Line, 1862-1865 by William Harris Bragg.
1st Battalion Georgia Infantry, Reserves
See 1st (Symons') Regiment Georgia Infantry, Reserves
1st Battalion Georgia Infantry, State Guards
Ordance Battalion 

Columbus Arsenal Battalion

Lt. Col. J. B. Oliver
Co. A J. P. Murray Muscogee
Co. B Charles T. Nash Muscogee
Co. C John B. Welsh Muscogee
Co. D Jeff Brady Muscogee
Co. E W. R. Kent Muscogee
This battalion was organized in August 1863 to serve as local defense for six months ot the war.
1st City Battalion Infantry, State Guards
1st City Battalion [of Columbus] 

Jaques' Battalion of Reserves

Maj. Samuel R. Jaques
Co. A F. W. Acee Muscogee
Co. B M. A. Harkins Muscogee
Co. C J. E. Williamson Muscogee
Co. D William S. Sherman Muscogee
Co. E Muscogee
Co. F Joseph A. Roberts Muscogee
This battalion appears to have been organized in May 1864. Se also the 19th Battalion Georgia Infantry, State Guards.
1st (Fannin's) Regiment Georgia Infantry, Reserves
Col. James H. Fannin
Co. A W. B. Wood various
Co. B George A. Hall various
Co. C Early Baker various
Co. D John C. Thornton various
Co. E John H. Grant various
Co. F George W. Austin Carroll
Co. G William H. Hartnet[t] various
Co. H John W. Powell Coweta
Co. I Johnston Whatley Carroll
Co. K J. D. Watson Carroll
This regiment was organized in April and May 1864.
1st (Symon's) Regiment Georgia Infantry, Reserves
Col. William R. Symons
Co. A Chatham Siege Artillery, Co. A W. H. C. Mills 

William R. Symons

Co. B Chatham Siege Artillery, Co. B John Cunningham 

J. R. Johnson

Co. C William M. Davidson Chatham
Co. D John B. Hussey Chatham
Co. E Angus Morrison Brooks, Chatham
Co. F Benjamin Milikin Brooks, Chatham
Co. G R. A. Peoples Pierce, Chatham
Co. H William C. Allen 

Francis Olmstead

Co. I James M. Dye Richmond
Co. K Citizen No. 8 Infantry 

Pioneer Infantry

Charles W. Hersey Richmond
This company was originally Co. A, 18th Battalion Georgia State Guards. It was transferred later supposedly to Co. B (later Co. A) 1st Regiment Georgia Local Troops (Augusta) although there is no record of this transfer in the compiled seervice records.
This regiment was organized in July 1863 to serve as local defense for six months service. The regiment was originally known as the 1st Battalion Georgia Infantry, Reserves.
1st Regiment Georgia, Local Defense Troops (Augusta)
Col. George W. Rains
Co. A Silver Grays William T. Gould Richmond
Co. B Augusta Volunteers George T. Jackson Richmond
Co. C Thomas H. Holleyman Richmond
Co. D Rains Guards Albert Hatch Richmond
Co. E Forest City Guards O. H. Lufburrow Richmond
Co. F F. L. Markey Richmond
Co. G Augusta Sharpshooters C. Shaler Smith Richmond
Co. H Cornelius B. Veronee Richmond
Co. I H. Caminade Richmond
Co. K Jacob W. Adams Richmond
Barnes' Co.  Barnes Light Artillery 

Augusta Volunteer Artillery

George T. Barnes Richmond
Dearing's Co. Wheeler Dragoons W. E. Dearing Richmond
This regiment was organized in September 1862 to serve as local defense for the duration of the war. Some of the companies became a part of the 2nd Battalion Georgia Local Defense Troops (Augusta).
1st Regiment Georgia Militia, Infantry
Col. Thomas J. Pilgrim
Nothing else is known about this unit.
1st Regiment Georgia Infantry, State Guards
Col. William H. Dabney
Co. A Jesse B. Thornbrough Gordon
Co. B  Tilton Volunteers 

Whitfield Volunteers

R. W. Jones 

James M. Landers

Co. C Wylie Roberts Gordon
Co. D Tunnell Guards Hamilton Young Whitfield
Co. E Asail Littlefield Gordon
Co. F Murray Infantry Guards William Anderson Murray
Co. G Gordon Guards M. M. Dillard Gordon
Co. H Dalton Home Guards 

Whitfield Defenders

Edward R. Harden Whitfield
Co. I Red Hill Home Guards John F. Groves 

W. D. Bussey

Co. K Resaca Guards B. R. Mays Gordon
This regiment was organized in August 1863 to serve as local defense for six months.
1st Regiment Georgia Troops and Defense
Lt. Col. T. Brooks
Co. A A. T. Towels various
Co. B J. D. Lively various
Co. C T. G. Cook various
Co. D G. L. Talley various
Co. E W. M. Bennett various
Co. F J. B. Fowler various
Co. G R. P. Billings various
Co. H W. D. Bonds various
This regiment appears to have been temporarily organized and principally composed of men from other units who were in and about Macon, Georgia, most probably as patients in hospitals and as employees in the government works in town.
1st Regiment Light Duty Men
This regiment was organized at Macon, Georgia on 10 June 1864. Nothing else is known about this unit.



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