Georgia 1st Infantry Regiment Reserves - Fannin's

The provisional Texas government gave James Bowie "command". He and James Fannin were appointed "colonels". After Bowie died at the Alamo, Fannin was left sole "Colonel" of the "Texas Army".

In 1862, James H. Fannin organized Company B of the 60th Georgia Regiment but did not enter service with it.

He later organized and commanded the 1st Georgia Reserves. These men served primarily as prison guards at Andersonville. The reserves were a part of some 5,000 men who served as guards and staff at different times. Col. Fannin remembered that he seldom had more than a thousand or twelve hundred men fit for duty.

At the close of the war the prisoners at Andersonville were transferred to Camp Lawton near Waynesboro and Florence, South Carolina. Some of the men of the 1st may have accompanied the prisoners, but it appears most of them were involved in the battle of West Point and captured along with Col. Fannin. Companies Of The GA 1st Infantry Regiment Reserves

Lieutenant Colonel:
James H. Fannin


Guards at Andersonville
West Point

Company A - From the counties of Heard (18), Coweta (29), Campbell (1), Carroll (1), DeKalb (5), Henry (1), Jackson (2), Meriwether (1), Walton (1), Franklin (1) and one was listed as living in Anderson District, SC.

Company B – From Oglethorpe (44), Greene (13), Taliaferro (4), Elbert (3), Walton (6), Clarke (7), Madison (5), Morgan (8), and DeKalb (1).

Company C - From Meriwether (2), Troup (14), Clark (2), Franklin (1), DeKalb (1), Baldwin (1), Jasper (3), Walton (1), Jackson (3), Hancock (1), Clayton? (1), Morgan (1), Oglethorpe (2), Green (4), Wilkinson (1), Cherokee (2), Madison (1) as well as 3 listed from Robertson (?) County, NC and 1 from the Lawrence (Laurens) District? SC.

Company D - From Elbert (33), Franklin (2), Hart (13), Newton (12), Madison (3), with one listing his place of residence as Chester District, SC

Company E - At least one soldier’s place of residence is known – Meriwether County, Georgia.

Company F -

Company G -

Company H - Coweta County, Jefferson County, Harris County, Tolbert County, Wilcox County & Carroll County, GA.

Company I - Campbell County, GA (1), Fayette County, GA (2) and Carroll County, GA (3).

Company K - Carroll County, Georgia.


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