Georgia 2nd Infantry Battalion State Guards


In his ongoing attempt to maintain a body of troops under Georgia command, Brown organized the Georgia State Guards and the Georgia State Reserves, both commanded by Major Gen. Howell Cobb. The State Guards were short-lived They were disbanded by early 1864 due to pressure from the CS government and changes in the conscription law.

This unit, the 2nd State Guards was also known as the Atlanta Arsenal Battalion. The arsenal was located at the racetrack outside the city's western limits. It produced percussion caps and artillery and small-arms ammunition, probably as many as 75,000 rounds per day by August 1862. In 1863-64 the Atlanta Arsenal employed nearly 5,500 men and women.

  • Crawford, Robert A. - Rank in Lieutenant Colonel. Rank in Lieutenant Colonel.
  • Johnson, E.L. - Rank in Private. Rank out Ordnance Sergeant
  • Lankford (Langford), James A. - Rank in First Sergeant. Rank out Sergeant Major.
  • McCall, James K. - Rank in Captain. Rank out Major.
  • Miller, James - Rank in Quartermaster Sergeant. Rank out Quartermaster Sergeant.
  • Raborg, S. A. - Rank in Assistant Surgeon. Rank out Assistant Surgeon.

  • The Atlanta Campaign
  • Griswoldville
  • Honey Hill
  • The Carolinas Campaign
  • Bentonville
  • COMPANIES: Men who made up this battalion were from the following counties:

  • Effingham
  • Bryan
  • Chatham
  • Tattnall
  • Liberty
  • McIntosh
  • Appling
  • Pierce
  • Wayne
  • Glynn
  • Camden
  • Coffee
  • Clinch
  • Ware


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