Georgia 6th Cavalry Regiment

The Georgia 6th Cavalry Regiment was formed in the spring of 1863 by consolidating the cavalry battalion of Smith's Georgia Legion and four independent cavalry companies. During the conflict it served in Davidson's, J.J. Morrison's, C.C. Crews', and Iverson's Brigade. The unit was active at Chickamauga and Philadelphia, participated in the Knoxville and Atlanta Campaigns, then took part in the defense of Savannah and the campaign in the Carolinas. During April, 1865, it surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

Colonel John R. Hart, Lieutenant Colonels B.F. Brown and Joel C. Fain, and Majors Alfred F. Bale and John T. Burns.
Carolinas Campaign - FEB - APR 1865
     Aiken, SC - Feb. 11, 1865

The Compiled Service Records of the members of this regiment may be found in microfilm roll series M266. The complete series contains 607 rolls of film. The compiled service records are indexed on M226. These film are available from the Georgia Archives.
Roll # CSR-1 Surnames A-CL
Roll # CSR-2 Surnames CO-G
Roll # CSR-3 Surnames H-L
Roll # CSR-4 Surnames M-R
Roll # CSR-5 Surnames S-Z

King, John H.


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