The Georgia 6th Infantry Regiment was organized at Macon, Georiga, in April, 1861, and soon moved ot Virginia. Its companies were recruited in the counties of Bibb, Crawford, Butts, Baker, Twiggs, Gilmer, Taylor, and Mitchell. Assigned to General Rains' Brigade, the regiment totalled 703 men in April, 1862, and was active at Williamsburg and Seven Pines . Later it transferred to General Colquitt's Brigade and remained under his command for the balance of the war. The 6th served with the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days' Battles to Chancellorsville , then was ordered to North Carolina, South Carolina, and Florida where it fought at Olustee . During the spring of 1864 it returned to Virginia, participated in the conflicts at Drewry's Bluff and Cold Harbor , and endured the battles and hardships of the trenches at Petersburg . Sent to North Carolina the unit saw action at Bentonville and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee. It lost 38 killed, 167 wounded, and 3 missing during the Seven Days' Battles and reported 43 casualties at Chancellorsville and 61 at Olustee.


    Colonels Alfred H. Colquitt and John T. Lofton; Lieutenant Colonels Charles D. Anderson, William M. Arnold, Wilde C. Cleveland, Hampton W. Harris, and James M.Newton; and Majors James M. Culpeper and Phil Tracy.


    From July 1863 until February of the next year the regiment manned the defenses of Charleston Harbor, fighting at Battery Wagner and helping to garrison Fort Sumter.

    Yorktown, VA April 1862

    Battle of Seven Pines, Virginia May 31, 1862

    Defense of Richmond, Virginia June 24-27, 1862

    Battle of Mechanicsville, Virginia June 26-27, 1862

    Skirmish at Cold Harbor, Virginia June 27, 1862

    Battle of Malvern Hill, Virginia July 1, 1862

    Skirmish at Boonsboro, Maryland September 14, 1862

    Battle of Crampton's Gap, Maryland Sep. 14, 1862

    Battle of Antietam, Maryland September 17, 1862

    Battle of Fredericksburg, Virginia December 13, 1862

    Battle of Chancellorsville, Virginia May 2-3, 1863

    Skirmish at Funkstown, Maryland July 6, 1863

    Defense of Fort Sumter, South Carolina August-November, 1863

    Defense of Battery Wagner Morris Island, South Carolina August-September, 1863

    Battle of Ocean Pond (Olustee), Florida Feb. 20, 1864

    Defense of Petersburg, Virginia May-August, 1864

    Battle of Cold Harbor, Virginia June 2-4, 1864

    Skirmish at Weldon Railroad, Virginia Aug. 19-21, 1864

    Skirmish at Reams Station, Virginia August 21, 1864

    Battle of Fort Harrison, Virginia September 29-30, 1864

    Battle of Chapin's Farm, Viriginia Sep. 30-Oct. 1, 1864

    Skirmish at Darbytown Road, Virginia October 7, 1864

    Skirmish at Wilmington, North Carolina Feb. 22, 1865

    Skirmish at Kinston, North Carolina March 5-17, 1865

    Battle of Goldsboro, North Carolina March 10-11, 1865

    Battle of Bentonville, North Carolina March 19, 1865




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