Georgia 7th Cavalry Regiment

7th Cavalry Regiment was organized during the sprin gof 1864 at Rome, Georgia. It was formed by consolidating the 21st and 24th Georgia Cavalry Battalions and J.L. McAllister's Hardwick Mounted Rifles. The men were recruited in Augusta and Hardwick and the counties of Miller, Randolph, Banks, and Wayne. Ordered to Virginia, the regiment was placed in P.M.B. Young's and Gary's Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. It participated in The Wilderness Campaign and later the battles about Cold Harbor and conflicts south of the James River. Sent to Georgia, the 7th Cavalry was dismounted and with 200 men took part in the defense of Savannah. It returned to Virginia and continued the fight around Petersburg and Appomattox. The unit surrendered 3 officers and 39 men.

White, William P., Colonel
McAllister, Joseph L., Lieut. Colonel

Anderson, Edward C. Jr., Major
The following note appears in Jones' book.

NOTE - He was, we are unofficially informed, successively promoted to grade of Lieut. Colonel of 7th Cavalry Regiment in 1864; and, had the War continued, might have been advanced to rank of brigadier-general, P. A. C. S. He was a notably gallant soldier.

Davies, John N., Major


The Compiled Service Records of the members of this battalion may be found in microfilm roll series M266. The complete series contains 607 rolls of film. The compiled service records are indexed on M226. These film are available from the Georgia Archives. Roll # CSR-61 Surnames A-H
Roll # CSR-62 Surnames I-Z


Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies