Georgia 7th Infantry Regiment



    The 7th Georgia along with the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 59th made up Gen. 'Tige' Anderson's Brigade in Hood's Division of Longstreet's Corps.

    The GA 7th Infantry Regiment was formed in May, 1861, at Atlanta, Georgia, and in June moved to Harpers Ferry,Virginia. Assigned to Colonel F. S. Bartows Brigade, Army of the Shenandoah, it was active in the fight at First Manassas. In April 1861, the regiment had 611 effectives and served under the command of General G. T. Anderson until the end of the war. It participated in the campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from the Seven Days Battles to Cold Harbor, except when it was detached with Longstreet at Suffolk, in Georgia, and at Knoxville. The 7th was not involved in the Battle of Chickamauga. It was active in the long Petersburg siege south and north of the James River and later the Appomattox Campaign.


    Gartrell, Lucius Jeremiah - Colonel
    Wilson, William T. - Commissary, Colonel.
    White, William Wilkinson- Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel.
    Carmical, George H.- Major, Colonel, Major.
    Cooper, James Fairlie - Lieutenant Colonel
    Dunwoody, John - Major, Lieutenant Colonel.
    White, William Wilkinson- Captain, Co. I, Lieutenant Colonel.
    Carmical, George H. Major, Lieutenant Colonel.
    Alman, M. T - Major, Lieutenant Colonel.
    Dunwoody, John - Major, Lieutenant Col onel
    Anderson, Lemuel B. - 2d Lieut. Co. C. - Major.
    Hoyle, Eli W. - Adjutant, Major.
    Carmical, George H: Major.----See 2d Lieutenant Co. A.
    Witt, Horace H.-Major.----See 1st Lieutenant Co. B.
    Alman, M. T: Major.----See 4th Sergeant Co. G.
    Kiser, John F.-Major.----See 2d Lieutenant Co. D.
    Hoyle, Eli W: Adjutant.----See private Co. B.
    Shaw, J. Emmett Adjutant.----See private Co. I.
    Fry, John G: Chaplain May 31, 1861. Resigned December 4, 1862.
    Thomas, Albizi Gano---Chaplain July 15, 1862. Resigned Apr. 2, 1863.
    Stokes, David C.--Chaplain.----See private Co. A.
    Lovejoy, Edward B.-Sergeant Major.----See 4th Sergeant Co. K.
    Galliger, Charles T.-Sergeant Major.----See Musician Co. E.
    Heggie, Isaac N., Jr.---Sergeant Major.----See private Co. H.
    Lindley, Jonathan F.-Sergeant Major.----See private Co. D.
    Holliday, Robert K.- Quartermaster
    Benson, Eli-Quartermaster Sergeant.----See private Co. F.
    Holland, Lindsey--Quartermaster Sergeant.----See private Co. F.
    Weaver, Thomas H.-Quartermaster Sergeant.----See 3d Sergeant Co. I.
    Green, William C.---Quartermaster Sergeant. ----See private Co. D.
    Peddy, John Taylor-Ordnance Sergeant.----See 3d Sergeant Co. G.
    Alexander, James F.- Surgeon
    West, N. G: Surgeon
    Cotten, James F.(or Cotton)--Surgeon.----See private Co. D.
    North, R. W.-Assistant Surgeon May 31, 1861. Resigned Dec. 10, 1861.
    North, Abraham C. Assistant Surgeon.----See 1st Sergeant Co. A.
    Simmons, Joseph S. Hospital Steward.----See private Co. H.
    Wilson. William T.-Commissary
    Tucker, J. R.--Acting Commissary Sergeant.----See private Co. I.
    Metts, J. R: Ensign.----See private Co. G.


    First Manassas - July 21, 1861
    New Bridge
    Seven Days
    Rappahannock Station
    Second Manassas
    Chickamauga - not engaged.


    Field Staff and Band
    Company A - Coweta County, Georgia ("Coweta Guards") Or ("Coweta 2D District Guards")
    Company B - Fulton County, Georgia
    Company C - Paulding County, Georgia ("Paulding Volunteers")
    Company D - Cobb County, Georgia
    Company E - Dekalb County, Georgia ("Dekalb Light Infantry")
    Company F - Carroll County, Georgia ("Iverson Invincibles" )
    Company G - Heard County, Georgia ("Franklin Volunteers")
    Company H - Cobb County, Georgia ("Roswell Guards")
    Company I - Cobb County, Georgia ("Cobb Mountaineers")
    Company K - Fulton County, Georgia ("Davis Infantry")





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