The Civil War in Georgia

Georgia 8th Infantry Regiment

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    The 8th Georgia Regiment was organized for the War in late May and early June, 1861. Most of the units' members had seen pre-War militia service. The regiment was mustered in at Camp Bartow, Howard's Grove, Richmond, Virginia in June of 1861. Francis S. Bartow was its first commander.

    The 8th Georgia participated in many engagements during the War, and was known as the "Fighting 8th." President Davis supposedly wrote: "The 8th is known."

    The 7th Georgia along with the 8th, 9th, 11th, and 59th made up Gen. 'Tige' Anderson's Brigade in Hood's Division of Longstreet's Corps. Henry Persons ( is writing a regimental history of the 7th Ga.


  • Bartow, Francis S: Colonel
  • Gardner, William Montgomery--Colonel
  • Lamar, Lucius M.-Colonel
  • Towers, John R.-Colonel
  • Gardner, William Montgomery-Lieutenant Colonel, Brig. General
  • Cooper, Thomas L --Lieutenant Colonel
  • Towers, John R: Lieutenant Colonel
  • Lamar, Lucius M.- Major, Lieutenant Colonel
  • Magruder, E. J. Major, Lieutenant Colonel
  • Cooper, Thomas L. Captain, Major
  • Cooper, John F.Captain, Major
  • Lamar, Lucius M.- Captain, Major
  • Magruder, E. J: Captain, Major
  • Dawson, George Oscar- Captain, Major
  • Brantley, Amos W: Corporal, Adjutant
  • Branch, John L.- 2d Lieutenant, 1st Lieutenant. Adjutant
  • Harper, Armistead R.- 2nd Lieutenant, Adjutant
  • Shellman, W. F.4th Sergeant, Adjutant
  • Harper, Charles M.- Adjutant
  • Dunlap, W. C.- Chaplain
  • Menard, Henry J:. - Sergeant Major
  • Andrews, Lewis H.-- Sergeant Major
  • Ayer, W. Frank- Quartermaster
  • Wheeler, Calvin Quartermaster
  • Wilcox, E. A.- Jr. 2nd Lieutenant, Assistant Quartermaster
  • Cothran, Hugh Dickson - Assistant Quartermaster
  • Davis, E. W. Assistant Quartermaster
  • Hall, S. H. M.- Quartermaster Sergeant.
  • Williams, J. H.- Quartermaster Sergeant
  • Bennett, William Henry- Assistant Quartermaster.-
  • Wellborn, Harrison G:. - Quartermaster Sergeant
  • Davis, E. W.- Assistant Quartermaster
  • Davis, William E.- Ordnance Sergeant
  • Towers, Daniel R.--Ordnance
  • Fleming, D. G. Ordnance Sergeant
  • Miller, H. V. M.-- Surgeon June 6, 1861.
  • Jackson, John F. Surgeon
  • Taylor, Bushrod - Acting Surgeon
  • Melhaney, J. W. - Assistant Surgeon
  • McFarland, John T. 1st Lieutenant, Assistant Surgeon
  • Hoyle, James M.- Assistant Surgeon
  • Griffin, George G.-- Assistant Surgeon
  • Cole, W. H. - Assistant Surgeon
  • Willis, D. W. - Assistant Surgeon
  • Bates, C. A. - Assistant Surgeon
  • Barnsley, George S: Assistant Surgeon
  • Brodie, J. L: Hospital Steward.
  • Brightwell, A. T.-Hospital Steward
  • Barns, Thomas M. - Hospital Steward.
  • Barnsley, George S. - Hospital Steward
  • Smith, Charles Henry (Bill Arp.) - Commissary (with rank of Major)
  • Norton, George C: Assistant Commissary
  • Morrell, W. J. - Acting Commissary Sergeant.
  • Dunlap, W. C. - Chaplain.
  • Eubanks, John J. Ensign
  • Merck, G. G. - Chief Musician.
  • Affleck, A. H.
  • Buckley, S. B.- Drummer.
  • Carruthers, Josephus- Musician.
  • Connelly, William C:
  • Dupree, M. M.(or W. M.) - Musician
  • Edwards, W. C: Musician
  • Fleming, John T. - Musician.
  • Harris, J. M: Musician.-
  • Holmes, John H. Musician
  • Kreuger, Paul (or Kruger) - Musician
  • Latimer, A. W: Musician
  • Lowry, John H: Musician.
  • Parrish, William F.(or Parish) - Musician.
  • Parrott, J. H. - Musician
  • Schwaab, F. - Musician.
  • Spear, Charles Henry (or Speer) - Musician.
  • Starowski, A.-Musician.
  • Walker, S. W. - Musician.
  • West, John Richard - Regimental Musician
  • Williams, Felix A.-Musician.
  • Wray, Pleasant J. - Musician.
  • Young, John A: Musician.


  • Assigned to F.S. Bartow's Brigade at First Manassas
  • For the balance of the war served under General G.T. Anderson.


  • First Manassas
  • Yorktown
  • New Bridge
  • Seven Days
  • Rappahannock Station
  • Second Manassas
  • Sharpsburg
  • Fredericksburg
  • Suffolk
  • Gettysburg
  • Funkstown
  • Charleston
  • Chickamauga
  • Chattanooga
  • Knoxville
  • Wilderness
  • Petersburg
  • Appomattox


  • Company A Rome Light Guards Floyd County
  • Company B Oglethorpe Light Infantry Chatham County
  • Company C Macon Guards Bibb County
  • Company D Echols Guards Meriwether County
  • Company E Miller Rifles Floyd County
  • Company F Atlanta Grays Fulton County
  • Company G Pulaski Volunteers Pulaski County
  • Company H Floyd Infantry Floyd County
  • Company I Stephens Light Guards Greene County
  • Company K Oglethorpe Rifles- Oglethorpe County