Georgia Martin / Howells Light Artillery



    Martin's Light Artillery, commanded by Capt. Robert Martin, saw service in Tennessee, north Mississippi and north Georgia. It bore itself gallantly on every field, being especially distinguished at Jackson, Miss., at Chickamauga and through the Atlanta campaign, in the last being known as Howell's battery, from its commander, Capt. Evan P. Howell, who succeeded Captain Martin upon the latter's promotion to the rank of major, and gallantly led the command through the remainder of its honorable career.

    Martin's-Howell's Battery was organized in May, 1862, with 125 officers and men. The unit served on the Georgia coast, then moved to Mississippi where it was engaged at Jackson. Later it was assigned to J. Palmer's and R. Martin's Battalion of Artillery, and took an active part in the campaigns of the Army of Tennessee from Chickamauga to Bentonville. This company reported 7 casualties at Chickamauga, had 77 present in April, 1864, but only a handful surrendered in April, 1865.

    Martin’s - Howell’s Battery had a close affiliation with the Mississippi 1st Artillery Regiment and it appears that many of the men of the 1st Artillery joined with Howell’s Battery following Vicksburg. The Mississippi 1st Artillery Regiment was organized during the late summer of 1862 with eleven companies. During the war the various companies served as both light and heavy artillery but not as one command. The regiment was assigned to the Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana, and Companes A, C, D, F, G, I, K, and L were assigned to the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, Company E to the Trans-Mississippi Department, and Company G to the Army of Tennessee. All disbanded before the end of the war. Its commanders were Colonel William T. Withers, Lieutenant Colonel James P. Parker, and Majors Benjamin R. Holmes and Jefferson L. Wofford.


    Service on the Georgia coast
    Mississippi engagement Jackson
    J. Palmer's and R. Martin's Battalion of Artillery


    Robert Martin, known as Bob Martin, from Barnwell, S. C., was elected Captain.
    Evan P. Howell, 1st Lt.
    W. G. Robson, 2nd Lt.
    Reuben A. Bland, 3rd Lt.
    H. K. Newsome, 1st Sergt.
    S. J. Fulform, 2nd Sergt.
    W. H. Hines, 3rd Sergt.
    J. B. Warthen, 4th Sergt.
    W. H. Dudley, 5th Sergt.
    W. M. Cox, 6th Sergt.
    Haywood Ainsworth, 7th Sergt.
    W. B. Hall, 1st Corp.
    W. B. O’Quinn, 2nd Corp.
    W. F. Webster, 3rd Corp.
    J. E. Cullin, 4th Corp.


    Fort McAlister, Georgia (2/1/63)
    Vicksburg Campaign, Mississippi (5/63 - 7/63)
    Jackson, Mississippi (5/14/63)
    Jackson Siege, Mississippi (7/11/63)
    Chattanooga Siege, Tennessee (9/63 - 11/63)
    Chickamauga, Georgia (9/19/63 - 9/20/63)
    Chattanooga, Tennessee (11/23/63 - 11/25/63)
    Lookout Mountain, TN
    Resaca, GA
    Atlanta Campaign, Georgia (5/64 - 9/64)
    Atlanta Siege, Georgia (7/64 - 9/64)
    Nashville, TN
    The Carolina’s Campaign
    Bentonville, NC


    The compiled roster of this unit contains 267 men





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