Men in the 851st G. M. district [southwest corner of Cass/Bartow county] organized themselves into a home guard company called the "Macedonia Silver Greys" at the Macedonia Baptist Church on May 18, 1861, with Thomas J. Pyles elected Captain; John A. Beck, 1st Lieutenant; R. B. Couch 2nd Lieutenant; and John Brooks, 3rd Lieutenant. Captain Pyle wrote the following letter on the same date to Adjutant General Wayne.
    Euharlee, Cass County Ga.
    Dear Sir:

    The citizens of the vicinity of Macedonia church having organized themselves into a company for home defense(being men mostly not subject to duty) and wishing arms of some sort (through me, their commander) most respectively solicit you to send them swords and pistols for mounted men if you can. If not expedient to do so, send guns of some sort for about 30 men.

    He later wrote:

    If you cannot furnish us with swords and pistols, we are desirous to be supplied with some sort of arms for which (of course) we expect and are willing to give bond for the forthcoming. I will inform you that we all have accepted our commissions and have taken and subscribed to the oath as required.

    Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
    Thos. J. Pyle, Captain of the Macedonia Silver Greys

    Everything that is within the letters above is a verbatim quote of the article. It was taken from a book which isn't named. There is a mention of Kingston, GA and a Mrs A. E. Johnson who was responsible for the war history of Kingston being preserved.




    Defense of Bartow County including Cassville, Cartersville, Kingston & Alltoona.





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