Georgia 14th Infantry Regiment

This regiment was originally commanded by Arnolus Vanderhorse Brumby, then Felix L. Price, Robert W. Folsom, and lastly by Richard P. Lester. The men of the 14th fought throughout the war in Virginia and participated in every major encounter of the war. Only a handful of men of the regiment made it all the way through the war to surrender at Appomattox.
“The whole regiment was several times in imminent danger of being captured, inspired however, by the unwavering coolness and intrepid valor of their leaders, these war-worn and battle-scared veterans of many a bloody field would rally with enthusiasm around their tattered battle flag and drive back with severe loss the advances of their assailants.”

Brumby, Arnolus Vanderhorse-Colonel
Price, Felix L.- Colonel.
Folsom, Robert W.-Colonel.
Lester, Richard P.-Colonel.
Ramsey, Whiteford S.-Lieutenant Colonel.
Price, Felix L.-Lieutenant Colonel.
Folsom, Robert W.-Lieutenant Colonel.
Harris, William A.-Lieutenant Colonel.
Fielder, James M.-Lieutenant Colonel.
Lester, Richard P.- Lieutenant Colonel.
Goldsmith, Washington LaFayette-Lieutenant Colonel.
Price, Felix L.-Major
Folsom, Robert W.-Major
Fielder, James M.-Major
Harris, William A.- Major
Lester, Richard P.-Major
Goldsmith, Washington LaFayette-Major
Kelley, Charles C.-Major
Shannon, James M.- Adjutant.
Palmer, Edward Porter-Chaplain
Moore, Alexander W.- Chaplain, P. A. C. S.
Hammond, Alexander D.- Adjutant
Taliaferro, Addison-Adjutant
Moore, Thomas Carter-Adjutant
Banks, John William-Sergeant Major.
Smith, Thomas D.-Sergeant Major
Heggie, Evans Archibald-Captain & Asst. Quartermaster.
Davis, William C.- Quartermaster Sergeant.
Currall, Henry-Ordnance Sergeant.
Roddy, R. L.- Surgeon
Taylor, Bushrod - Surgeon
Young, George William-Assistant Surgeon
Walker, Fleetwood-Assistant Surgeon
Dozier, George R.- Assistant Surgeon.
Dozier, George R.-Hospital Steward
Dumas, George W.- Commissary Sergeant
Moore, Thomas Carter-Assistant Commissary Sergeant.
Peurifoy, McCarroll-Ensign.
Groves, John H.-Musician.
Wood, Edmund L.-Musician.

Joseph R. Anderson's Brigade
Seven Pines 31 May-1 June 1862
Williamsburg-5 May 1892
Gaines Mill-27 June 1862
Frazier’s Farm
Malvern Hill 1 July 1862
Cedar Run 9 August 1862
The Second Battle of Manassas-28-30 August 1862
Harper’s Ferry 14 September 1862
Fredericksburg-13 December 1862
Chancellorsville-1-4 May 1862
Gettysburg-1-3 July 1863
Spotsylvania Court House-12 May 1864.
Appomattox - 9 April 1865.

Company A - Confederate Volunteers - Monroe County
Company B - Ramah Guards - Wilkinson County
Company C - Jasper Light Infantry - Jasper County
Company D - Cherokee Brown Rangers - Cherokee County
Company E - Lester Volunteers - Forsyth County
Company F - Johnson Greys - Johnson County
Company G - Yancey Independents - Worth County
Company H - Blackshear Guards - Laurens County
Company I - Jeff Davis Rifles - Butts County
Company K - Etowah Guards - Bartow County, Georgia


Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies