Georgia 15th Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The men of the Georgia 15th Infantry Regiment were recruited throughout north central Georgia in the summer of 1861. The Fifteenth served throughout the war in the army of Northern Virginia except during the time that it was engaged in the Chickamauga and east Tennessee campaigns under Longstreet in the fall of 1863 and early spring of 1864.

In describing their actions following Sharpsburg (Antietam), General Lee said:

In reviewing the achievements of the army during the present campaign, the commanding general cannot withhold the expression of his admiration of the indomitable courage displayed in battle and its cheerful endurance of privation and hardship on the march. Since your great victories around Richmond, you have defeated the enemy at Cedar Mountain, expelled him from the Rappahannock, and after a conflict of three days, utterly repulsed him on the plains of Manassas, and forced him to take shelter within the fortifications around his capital. Without halting for repose, you crossed the Potomac, stormed the heights of Harper's Ferry, made prisoners of more than 11,000 men, and captured upward of seventy five pieces of artillery, all their small arms and other munitions of war.
First Commander: Thomas W. Thomas (Colonel)
Field Officers: Dudley M. DuBose (Colonel)
Stephen Z. Hearnsberger (Lieutenant Colonel)
William M. McIntosh (Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel)
William T. Millican (Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel)
Peter J. Shannon (Major)
Joseph Thomas Smith (Major)
Theophilus J. Smith (Major, Lieutenant Colonel)
Linton Stephens (Lieutenant Colonel)

ASSIGNMENTS: Toomb's Brigade, 2nd Corps, Army of the Potomac (Sep. - Oct. 1861)
Toomb's Brigade, 2nd Corps, Potomac Districe, Dept. of Northern Virginia (Oct. 1861 - Jan. 1862)
Toomb's Brigade, Toomb's - D. R. Jones Division, Magruder's Command, Army of Northern Virginia (Apr. Jul. 1862)
Toomb's Brigade, D. R. Jones Division, 1st Corps. Army of Northern Virginia(Jul - Oct 1862)
Toomb's Brigade, Hood's Division, 1st Corps, Department of North Carolina and Southern Virginia (Oct. 1862 - Feb. 1863)
Toomb's-Benning's Brigade, Hoods Division, Dept. of North Carolina and Southern Virginia (Feb. 1863 - Apr. 1863)
Benning's Brigade, Hood's Division, Dept. of Southern Virginia (Apr. 1863 - May 1863)
Benning's Brigade, Hood's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (May 1863 - Sep. 1863)
Benning's Brigade, Hood's Division, Longstreet's Corps. Army of Tennessee (Sep. 1863 - Nov. 1863)
Benning's Brigade, Hood's Field's Division, Dept. of East Tennessee (Nov. 1863 - Apr. 1864)
Benning's Brigade, Field's Division, 1st Corps, Army of Northern Virginia (Apr. 1864 - Apr. 1865)
BATTLES: Yorktown (Apr. 1862)
Seven Days Battles (25 Jun - 1 Jul 1862)
Garnett's & Golding's Farm (27-28 Jun 1862)
Malvern Hill (1 Jul 1862)
Thoroughfare Gap (28 Aug 1862)
2nd Bull Run (2nd Mannassas) (28-30 Aug 1862)
Sharpsburg (Antietam) (17 Sep 1862)
Fredericksburg (13 Dec 1862)
Suffolk Campaign (Apr. - May 1863)
Gettysburg (1 - 3 Jul. 1863)
Chickamauga (19 - 20 Sep. 1863)
Chattanooga Siege (Sep. - Nov. 1863)
Knoxville Siege (Nov. - Dec. 1863)
The Wilderness (5 - 6 May 1864)
Spotsylvania Court House (8 - 21 May 1864)
North Anna (23 - 26 May 1864)
Cold Harbor (1 - 3 Jun. 1864)
Petersburg Siege (Jun. 1864 - Apr. 1865)
Chaffin's Farm (29 Sep. 1864)
Fort Harrison (29 - 30 Sep. 1864)
Fort Gilmer (29 - 30 Sep. 1864)
Williamsburg Road (27 Oct. 1864)
Appomattox (9 Apr. 1865)

ROSTERS: Field Staff and Band
Company A - Wilkes County Delphi Rangers
Company B - Franklin County Tugalo Blues
Company C - Elbert County Fireside Guards
Company D - Taliaferro County Stephen Home Guards
Company E - Hancock County Volunteers
Company F - Elbert County Bowman Volunteers
Company G - Lamar County Confederates
Company H - Hart County Pool Volunteers
Company I   - Elbert County McIntosh Volunteers
Company K - Hancock County Confederate Guards


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