Georgia 20th Infantry Regiment

The 20th Georgia Infantry was formed at Columbus in May 1861. Following organization, the 20th traveled to Virginia by rail, and camped at Camp Walker near Manassas. Like many of the other troops they suffered various illnesses because of poor camp hygiene and exposure to the elements in Virginia. They served in the Army of Northern Virginia throughout most of its campaigns. They were attached to Early's Brigade in September of 1861 and transferred to the brigades of Generals Toombs and Benning in April 1862.

The 20th had 560 effectives in April 1862 and fought with the army from the Seven Days Battles to Cold Harbor. The only exception was when the brigade was ordered west with General Longstreet to fight at Suffolk, Chickamauga, and operations in east Tennessee including Chattanooga and Knoxville. They returned to Virginia in time for the spring campaign of 1864, enduring the hardships of the Petersburg trenches south and north of the James River. The 20th sustained 76 casualties during the Seven Days Battles and 152 casualties at Second Manassas. Of the 350 engaged at Gettysburg, more than 35% were disabled. The 20th lost 95 men from 14 April to 6 May 1864 and another 54 men from 1 August to 31 December 1864.

John B. Cumming
John A Jones
William D. Smith
James D. Waddell
Lieut. Col. Eli M. Seago
Major John A. Coffee
Major William Graig
Major Roger L. Gamble
Major Albert B. Ross

Yorktown (Apr. 1862)
Seven Days Battles (25 Jun - 1 Jul 1862)
Garnetts & Goldings Farm (27-28 Jun 1862)
Malvern Hill (1 Jul 1862)
Thoroughfare Gap (28 Aug 1862)
2nd Bull Run (2nd Mannassas) (28-30 Aug 1862)
Sharpsburg (Antietam) (17 Sep 1862)
Fredericksburg (13 Dec 1862)
Suffolk Campaign (Apr. - May 1863)
Gettysburg (1 - 3 Jul. 1863)
Chickamauga (19 - 20 Sep. 1863)
Chattanooga Siege (Sep. - Nov. 1863)
Knoxville Siege (Nov. - Dec. 1863)
The Wilderness (5 - 6 May 1864)
Spotsylvania Court House (8 - 21 May 1864)
North Anna (23 - 26 May 1864)
Cold Harbor (1 - 3 Jun. 1864)
Petersburg Siege (Jun. 1864 - Apr. 1865)
Chaffins Farm (29 Sep. 1864)
Fort Harrison (29 - 30 Sep. 1864)
Fort Gilmer (29 - 30 Sep. 1864)
Williamsburg Road (27 Oct. 1864)
Appomattox (9 Apr. 1865)

Rosters of this regiment may be found in Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia

Company A: Albert B. Ross, Willis W. Breazeal, James B. Morris, Sparks Guards, men from Bibb County
Company B: John A. Strother, Border Rangers/Muscogee Mounted Guards, men from Muscogee County.
Company C: Roger L. Gamble, Jefferson Guards, men from Jefferson County.
Company D: James D. Waddell, Sheppard W. Blance, William C. Spence men from Polk County.
Company E: Lucius C. Norwood, R. D. Little, Whitesville Guards, men from Harris County
Company F: Eli M. Seago, William, Confederate Continentals/Confederate Sentinels, Fulton County.
Company G: Alexander C. Morton, John R. Ivey, Wiley N. Hutchins, Theophilus S. Fontaine, Muscogee County.
Company H: Henry J. Smith, John A. Coffee, Julius Warren Boyd, Telfair Volunteers, men from Telfair County.
Company I: Van A. Leonard, C. H. Miner, Francis M. Brooks Jr., Southern Guards, men from Muscogee County.
Company K: Jesse F. Cleveland, William Craig, Montgomery Guards, men from Richmond County.


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