Crute states that this regiment was formed from Schley, Glascock, Bartow, Lincoln, Washington, Dawson, and Henry counties.

    The regiment lost 10 killed and 77 wounded at Oak Grove, 6 killed, 32 wounded, and 18 missing at Malvern Hill, 13 killed and 50 wounded as Second Manassas. There were 400 engaged at Gettysburg, and more than 40% were disabled. It sustained 25 casualties in route from Pennsylvania and 50 at Manassas Gap. It surrendered at Appomattox on 9 APR 1865 with 9 officers and 197 men.

    A site dedicated to the 22nd was formerly on line at


    Archive link to this site.


Jones, Col. Robert H. - Colonel
Wasden, Joseph - Major, Colonel
Jones, George H. - Captain, Colonel
McCurry, Benjamin C. - Captain, Lieutenant Colonel
Pritchett, J. Walter - Lieutenant Colonel
Lallerstedt, Lawrence D. - Captain, Major
Girardeau, J. A. - Adjutant
Daniel, J. D. - Adjutant
Bedell, S. L. - Adjutant
Jones, William E. - Chaplain
McAfee, William Hamilton
Woodruff, S. F. - Sergeant Major
Nesbit, William Hoyle - Sergeant Major
Leigh, J. F. - Sergeant Major
Peeples, L. F. - Sergeant Major
Hanks, J. A. R. - Assistant Quartermaster
Keith, J. L. - Captain, Assistant Quartermaster
Jones, John J. - Assistant Quartermaster
Skinner, Augustus A. - Quartermaster
Wallace, William C. - Quartermaster Sergeant
Barker, George H. - Ordnance Sergeant
Jones, Richard F. - Ordnance Sergeant
Wilkes, John L - Surgeon
Pope, Sampson - Surgeon
Brandon, W. C. - Assistant Surgeon
Wilkins, J. T. - Assistant Surgeon
Jones, John William - Assistant Surgeon
Humphries, Thomas S. - Hospital Steward
Wilson, James T. - Ensign
Dunham, Ralph E. - Musician
Shelton, J. M. - Musician


    Wright's and Sorrel's Brigade.


Oak Grove
Malvern Hill
Second Manassas
Manassas Gap


Rosters of this regiment may be found in Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia

Field Staff and Band
Company A - Richmond County
Company B - Glascock County
Company C - Paulding County
Company D - Murray County
Company E - Forsyth & Milton Counties
Company F - Lincoln County
Company G - Bartow & Floyd Counties
Company H - Warren County
Company I - Dawson County
Company K - Clayton & Henry Counties



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