Georgia 2nd Cavalry Battalion


The Georgia 2nd Cavalry Battalion was stationed at Savannah, Isle of Hope, Skidaway Island, and Charleston, South Carolina. This battalion saw action in light skirmishing along the South Carolina & Georgia coast.?

On January 20, 1863 the 5th Georgia Cavalry was officially organized by consolidation of the 1st and 2nd Battalions of Georgia Cavalry by Special Order # 20, issued by the War Department of the Confederacy. Not officially formed until January 1863, planning had been preceding since the failed attempt at organizing a regiment in 1860. The regimental flag is dated 1862, and at least one letter written on March 20, 1862, has a return address of Wm. M. Henderson, 2nd Battalion 5 GA Cavalry, Savannah, Ga. It appears at least some troopers in the 2nd Battalion were referring to the unit as the 5th Georgia in early 1862.? The 5th Georgia Cavalry saw action from Florida to Virginia, ending service in North Carolina, on April 26, 1865.


Lieutenant Colonel:
Edward Bird
M. Cumming
Richard J. Devant, Jr.


Picket duty on the Georgia coast.


The Effingham Hussars, The Screven Troop, The Bulloch Troop, The Georgia Hussars, The Chatham Light Horse, and the Blue Cap Cavalry organized as the 2nd Battalion Georgia Cavalry in April 1862.



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