Georgia 28th Infantry Regiment

The Georgia 28th Infantry Regiment was organized at Big Shanty, Georgia, during July and August, 1861. It recruited its members in Irwin, Sumter, Washington, Crawford, Cherokee, Stewart, Toombs, Jefferson, and Emanuel. Ordered to Virginia the unit contained 518 effectives in April, 1862, and served in General Featherston's and Colquitt's Brigade. It participated in the various campaigns of the Army of Northern Virginia from Williamsburg to Chancellorsville, then moved to Charleston, South Carolina, and later Florida where it fought at Olustee. Sent back to Virginia, it was active at Drewry's Bluff, Cold Harbor, and the Petersburg trenches north of the James River. Of the 371 engaged at Seven Pines, the unit lost thirty-two percent. It reported 73 casualties during the Maryland Campaign, 34 at Chancellorsville, and 95 at Olustee. In 1865 the regiment saw action in North Carolina and surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.

Colonels Tully Graybill and T.J. Warthen; Lieutenant Colonels James G. Cain, William P. Crawford, and George A. Hall; and Major James W. Banning.

Rosters of this regiment may be found in Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia

The companies of the 28th Georgia contained men from Cherokee, Emanuel, Jefferson, Merriwether, Richmond, and Washington counties.
Company A - Washington County - "The Irvin (or Irwin) Volunteers"
Company B - Washington County - "Anderson Volunteers" or "Sandersville Volunteers"
Company C - Spalding County - "Crawford Rangers" or "Jennings Light Guards"
Company D - Cherokee County - "McAfee and Donaldson Guards"
Company E - Meriwether County - "Confederate Invincibles"
Company F - Cherokee County - "Cherokee Georgia Mountaineers"
Company G - Gordon & Taylor Counties -"The Freeman Guerillas" or "The Freeman Guards"
Company H - Washington County - "Ohopee Guards"
Company I - Jefferson County - "Jeff Greys" or "Jefferson Greys"
Company K - Emanuel County - "Emanuel Rangers"

Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies