Georgia 30th Infantry Regiment

The Georgia 30th Infantry Regiment was formed in September 1861. Georgia Congressman David J. Bailey established Camp Bailey with the permission of Governor Joseph E. Brown. Bailey was an American politician, lawyer and soldier who served in the U.S. Congress. Camp Bailey was located between Fairburn and Palmetto, Georgia along the railroad track. On December 16, 1861, the 30th Georgia moved to Griswoldsville in Jones County, Georgia. By the 23rd, it was encamped just below Savannah, Georgia.

The 30th Georgia was assigned to Assigned to General Wilson's, C.H. Stevens', and H.R. Jackson's Brigade. It was involved in several engagements near Savannah. They fought in the Battle of Chickamauga, as well as battles at Calhoun, GA, the Battle of New Hope Church, Kennesaw, Peachtree Creek and the Battle of Jonesboro in the Atlanta Campaign. They were with Hood in the Franklin - Nashville Campaign and ended the war in North Carolina.

Colonels David J. Bailey, James S. Boynton, and T.W. Mangham; Lieutenant Colonel Miles M. Tidwell; and Majors Henry Hendrick and Cicero A. Thorpe.
Service at Charleston
Assigned to General Wilson's, C.H. Stevens', and H.R. Jackson's Brigade
Consolidated with the GA 29th Infantry Regiment in December, 1863


Rosters of this regiment may be found in Rosters of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia

Company A Butts County Butts Invincibles
Company B - Butts County Bailey Volunteers
Company C Spalding and Butts County - Hunter Guards
Company D Bibb County Hugeney Rifles
Company E Henry County Bartow Invincibles
Company F Campbell County - Campbell Sharpshooters
Company G Campbell County - Campbell Grays
Company H Fayette County Fayette Volunteers
Company I Clayton County Clayton Invincibles
Company K Campbell County Chattahoochee Volunteers


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