Georgia 31st Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Georgia 31st Infantry Regiment [also called 27th Regiment] completed its organization in November, 1861, at Cusseta, Georgia. After serving in Savannah it was ordered to Virginia and placed in Lawton's, John B. Gordon's, and C.A. Evans' Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia. This brigade consisted of the Georgia 13th, 26th, 31st, 38th, 60th, 61st, Infantry Regiments and the Georgia 12th Light Artillery Battalion.

The 31st participated in various conflicts from Seven Days' Battles to Cold Harbor, moved with Early to the Shenandoah Valley, and took part in the final campaign at Appomattox. It contained 1,200 men when organized, and reported 170 casualties at Gaines' Mill, 55 at Sharpsburg, 78 at Fredericksburg, and 23 at Chancellorsville. The regiment lost more than twenty-five percent of the 252 engaged at Gettysburg, and surrendered with 120, of which 66 were armed.

Colonel Clement A. Evans, John H. Lowe, and Pleasant J. Phillips; and Lieutenant Colonels John T. Crowder, Daniel P. Hill, and R.T. Pride.

• Company A - Georgia Light Infantry (Columbus, Georgia)
• Company B - Muscogee Confederates (Muscogee County)
• Company C - Mitchell Guards (Glenview, Jefferson County, Alabama (Birmingham))
• Company D - Monroe Crowders (Forsyth, Georgia and Monroe County)
• Company E - Bartow Guards (Lumpkin, Georgia and Stewart County)
• Company F - Pulaksi Blues (Hawkinsville, Georgia and Pulaksi County)
• Company G - (Cussetta, Georgia and Chattahoochee County)(transferred from the 10th Georgia)
• Company H - Mountain Tigers (Hamilton, Georgia and Harris County)
• Company I - Arnet Rifles (Bainbridge, Georgia and Decatur County)
• Company K - Dawson/Bartow Avengers (Dawson, Georgia and Terrell County)

Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies