Georgia 32nd Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The Georgia 32nd Infantry Regiment, assembled at Savannah, Georgia, in May, 1862, contained men from Savannah and the counties of Washington, Burke, Effingham, and Screven. The regiment served for most of the war in G.P. Harrison's Brigade, Department of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. It participated in the conflicts at Battery Wagner, Olustee, James Island, Waynesborough, and Honey Hill. Later it was involved in the defense of Savannah and the North Carolina Campaign. This unit had 346 effectives in January, 1865, and 554 in March. It surrendered with the Army of Tennessee.
Colonel George P. Harrison, Jr., Lieutenant Colonels E.H. Bacon, Jr. and William H. Pruden, and Major W.T. Holland.

(Company A) (Jasper County and Jasper Counties)
(Company B) (Talbot County)
(Company C) Williams Volunteers (Burke County)
(Company D) Sidney Johnston Guards (Dougherty County)
(Company E) (Washington County)
(Company F) Jeff Davis Guards (Clay County)
(Company G) (Emanuel County)
(Company H) (Monroe County)
(Company I) Woodson Guards (Upson County)
(Company I) Blodget Artillery
(Company K) Alexander Greys (Burke County)

Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies