Georgia 1st Confederate Infantry Regiment

This regiment was also known as the Georgia 36th Infantry Regiment, the 1st Confederate Regiment Georgia Infantry, the Mississippi and Georgia Regiment, the 1st Villepigue’s Independent Battalion 1st Confederate Infantry and the Georgia / Mississippi regiment. It was formed in November of 1861 from men of the 1st Georgia Infantry Battalion. Designation was changed to the 1st Confederate Infantry Regiment. At least half of the men in this regiment were from northwest Georgia and ended up fighting in their own homes as Sherman invaded. One company was from Powder Springs. Many of these men returned from the war to find their families abducted from the Sweetwater mills and shipped to Ohio and other points north, most to never be heard from again. The story of the Roswell and Sweetwater Mill workers is one of the many atrocities perpetrated on the civilians of the south.
Villepigue, John B.
Smith, George A.

Lieutenant Colonels:
Smith, George A.
Aderhold, Jacob W.
Gordon, James C.

Lovell, William S.
Dodson, Elijah M.

Adjutant General:
Falconer, Capt. Kinloch

LeBaron, Capt. Thomas M.

Mickle, Capt. Bolton

Principal Surgeon:
Hart, Dr. W. W.

West, Capt. George

Simpson, Lieut. G. W.

Ordnance Officer:
Scott, Lieut. H. T.

Chief Engineer:
Watts, Lieut. G. O.

The 1st Confederate regiment was involved in the bombardment of Pensacola.
Assigned to H. R. Jackson's Brigade
Assigned to R. H. Henderson's Brigade, Army of Tennessee in 1865

Bombardment of Pensacola
Fort McRae
Corinth, October 3-5, 1862
The Atlanta Campaign
The Carolinas Campaign

Company A Independent Volunteers - Bibb County, Ga.
Company B - Catoosa County, Georgia - Ringgold Volunteers
Company C - Bibb County, Georgia - Brown Infantry
2nd Company C - Fulton County, Georgia
1st Company D - Fulton County, Georgia
2nd Company D - Catoosa And Walker Counties, Georgia
1st Company E - Bartow County, Georgia Etowah Infantry
2nd Company E - Bartow County, Georgia
1st Company F - Richmond County, Georgia
2nd Company F - Cobb County, Georgia Power Springs Guards
1st Company G - Floyd County, Georgia
2nd Company G Floyd County, Georgia
1st Company H
2nd Company H
2nd Company I - Catoosa County
2nd Company K


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