Georgia 38th Infantry Regiment



    The Georgia 38th Infantry Regiment was organized near Decatur, Georgia, during the summer of 1861. It contained thirteen companies and 1,200 men. First called Wright's Legion, it served at Skidaway Island and Savannah. In May, 1862, when it was ordered to Virginia, two companies were detached and one transferred. The remaining ten were from the counties of De Kalb, Milton, Emmanuel, Oglethorpe, Hart, Jefferson, Elbert, and Dawson.

    The 38th was assigned to Lawton's, John B. Gordon's, and C.A. Evans' Brigade, Army of Northern Virginia.


      George W. Lee
      James D. Matthews
      Augustus R. Wright
    Lieutenant Colonels:
      Philip E. Devant
      Lewis J. Parr
      Thomas H. Bomar
      John Y. Flowers


    Sewell Mountain, WV
    Laurel Hill, WV
    Whitemarsh Island, GA
    Malvern Hill (July 1, 1862)
    Bristoe Station (August 27, 1862)
    Groveton (or Brawner's Farm) (August 28, 1862)
    Second Manassas (or Bull Run) (August 29-30, 1862)
    Antietam (or Sharpsburg) (September 17,1862)
    Fredericksburg (December 13, 1862)
    Chancellorsville (April 29-5, 1863)
    Wincester (2nd Battle of) (June 13-15, 1863)
    York & Wrightsville (June 28-29, 1863)
    Gettysburg (July 1-3, 1863)
    Mine Run Campaign (Skirmishes of Nov. 26-Dec 2, 1863)
    Wilderness (May 5-6, 1864)
    Spotsylvania Court House (May 10-12, 1864)
    Monocacy (July 9, 1864)
    Winchester (3rd Battle of)(or Opequon Creek) (Sept. 19, 1864)
    Fisher's Hill (September 22, 1864)
    Cedar Creek (October 19, 1864)
    Hatcher's Run (Feb. 5-7,. 1865)
    Hares Hill (Fort Steadman) (March 25, 1865)
    Appomattox Court House (April 9, 1865)


    Company A - Murphey Guards (DeKalb County)
    Company B - Milton Guards (Milton County)
    Company C - Ben Hill Guards (Emanuel and Bullock Counties)
    Company D - McCullough Rifles (DeKalb County)
    Company E - Tom Cobb Infantry (Oglethorpe County)
    Company F - Thornton Volunteers (Hart County)
    Company G - Battey Guards (Jefferson County)
    Company H - Goshen Guards (Elbert County)
    Company I - Irwin Invincibles (Henry County, Alabama); transferred to 60th Georgia in May 1862
    Company K - Bartow Avengers (DeKalb Country)
    Company L - Joe Thompson Artillery (Fulton County) (detached in May 1862 at Savannah, GA)
    Company M - Chastatee Artillery (Forsyth County)(detached in May 1862 at Savannah, GA)
    Company N - Dawson Farmers (Dawson Country)





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