Georgia 45th Infantry Regiment

HISTORICAL NOTES: The GA 45th Infantry Regiment was formed in the spring of 1862. It began its battles at Hanover Court House where it was not actively engaged. The regiment was first engaged in action at Seven Pines, on the 30th May, 1862, as a portion of the force which attacked the right of the enemy, and retired at the termination of the engagement with a brigade loss of twenty-three killed and fifty wounded.
The 45th served until the surrender at Appomattox, engaged in all the great conflicts of the army of Northern Virginia, in the campaigns around Richmond, in northern Virginia, Maryland and Pennsylvania, and afterward helping to baffle the desperate efforts and over-whelming resources of Grant for nearly a year.

Colonels Thomas Hardeman, Jr. and T.J. Simmons; Lieutenant Colonels James W. Carter, C.A. Conn, Washington L. Grice, and William S. Wallace; and Majors Aurelius W. Gibson and M.R. Rogers.

Complete rosters of this regiment may be found in: Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia
Company A, Gresham Rifles (Bibb County)
Company B, Rutland Volunteers (Monroe County)
Company C, Dooly Volunteers (Dooly County)
Company D, McCowan Guards (Monroe County)
Company E, Taylor Guards (Taylor County)
Company F, Gray Volunteers (Jones County)
Company G, Myrick Volunteers (Baldwin County)
Company H, Henderson Rangers (Houston County)
Company I, Byars Volunteers (Butts County)
Company K, Ray Guards (Crawford County)


Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies