Georgia 46th Infantry Regiment

The Georgia 46th Infantry Regiment was formed during the spring of 1862 with men from Upson, Schley, Harris, Muscogee, Chattahoochee, Webster, Marion, and Talbot counties. The unit served in Georgia, then South Carolina where it was involved in the conflicts at Secessionville, and Gaston and Frampton's Plantation. In May, 1863, assigned to General Gist's Brigade, it moved to Mississippi. After taking part in the siege of Jackson the regiment joined the Army of Tennessee and fought on many battlefields from Chickamauga to Atlanta, then saw action in Tennessee and North Carolina. In December, 1863, this unit totalled 628 men and 513 arms, but was greatly reduced when it surrendered on April 26, 1865.


Colonels Peyton H. Colquitt and Samuel J.C. Dunlop, Lieutenant Colonel William A. Daniel, and Major A.M. Speer.


Complete rosters of this regiment may be found in: Roster of The Confederate Soldiers of Georgia
(Company A) Upson Sentinels (Upson County)
(Company B) Schley Rifles (Schley County)
(Company C) Muscogee Volunteers (Muscogee County)
(Company D) Chattahoochee Sentinels (Chattahoochee County)
(Company E) Harris Blues (Harris County)
(Company F) Webster County Invincibles (Webster County)
(Company G) Wards (Stewart County)
(Company H) Marion Vols (Marion County)
(Company I) Talbot Grenadiers (Talbot County)
(Company K) Price Volunteers (Muscogee County)

Sifakis - Compendium of the Confederate States Armies