A Guide to Civil War Research.
Exempt from Service

Generally men from age 16 through age 50 served in some capacity during the war. Some were exempt for various reasons however and often theirs are the most compelling stories. If you don't find a man listed, look for local newspapers, county and business records which may indicate their employment.

Men who were mentally or physically impaired, the only son of a widow, the son of infirm parents, or a widower with dependent children were exempt.

Two books that discuss the Civil War draft in the North are: Eugene C. Murdock, Patriotism Limited, 1862-1865: The Civil War Draft and the Bounty System,1967); and Eugene C. Murdock, One Million Men: The Civil War Draft in the North, 1971. For Georgia there is an excellent volume listing the names of the men in the 1864 Militia Census showing their occupation and Militia District / County.

There is also a category for Civil War Draft, Enlistment, and Exemptions in our FREE ResearchOnLine Digital Library which contains about 30 titles.

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