This Christmas Story Coloring Book is FREE to use. The pages are laid out to print on legal paper. Each PDF file contains the front and back of a page. You can print each page and staple together or order the coloring book in quantity below. (Our prices are cheaper than printing at a quick copy shop.)


Istwa Nowèl
The Christmas Story Coloring book.
25 copies
100 copies
Istwa Nowèl
The Christmas Story Coloring book.
500 copies
1000 copies


    Bible Translation from The Unbound Bible Project at BIOLA College (

    Graphics by Jeff Birchill.

    Carols original translation from Chants Dèsperance. La Press Evangèlique. Port Au Prince, Haiti. 1995. Edited and orthographically corrected by John Rigdon, Dorothy Shumans and Emmanuel Vedrine.

Premye Nowèl (The First Noel)
Nuit Trè Sen (O Holy Night)