Educational Tools

Educa Vision publishes a number of books in Creole.

Bright Ideas Books has several Creole educational titles

Checpoint Systems is mentioned as having a number of language assessment tests. Their website, is no longer on line.

Basic Inventory of Natural Language (BINL)
CHECpoint Systems, Inc.
1520 North Waterman Avenue
San Bernardino, CA 92404
TEL: 800-635-1235

Grade levels: 1 - 12
The BINL (© 1979) is used to generate a measure of the K-12 studentís oral language proficiency. The test must be administered individually and uses large photographs to elicit unstructured, spontaneous language samples from the student which must be tape-recorded for scoring purposes. The studentís language sample is scored based on fluency, level of complexity and average sentence length. The test can be used for more than 32 different languages.

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