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1st Regiment, Indiana Cavalry
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This regiment was organized at Evansville in 1861, taking the number of the 28th infantry, but was subsequently changed to the 1st cavalry. The first eight companies were mustered in at Evansville on Aug. 20, and left the state the next day for St. Louis. They were ordered to Ironton and were engaged in a sharp skirmish at Black river. This part of the regiment was on duty at Pilot Knob during the fall and winter, and participated in the action at Fredericktown, making a charge that drove the enemy from the field and determined the result of the battle. It moved into Arkansas in 1862 and was engaged at Round hill in July. It was assigned to the 1st brigade, 2nd cavalry division, 13th corps, and with the exception of Co. C remained on duty in Arkansas during its term of service. It was stationed at Helena over a year, participating in the many expeditions from that point. The last year of its service the regiment was stationed at Pine Bluff. It was mustered out at Indianapolis, Sept. 6, 1864. Co. C, which had been detached for escort duty, marched with Grant's army to Vicksburg and participated in that campaign, subsequently joining Gen. Franklin's command in western Louisiana. It returned to New Orleans in Dec, 1863, and remained there until July 7, 1864, when it proceeded to Pine Bluff, Ark., where it joined the regiment. The recruits remaining in Arkansas were organized into two companies A and B and placed in command of Capt. James A. Pine. They were stationed at Pine Bluff and participated in a severe engagement in Sept., 1864, while on a scout. They were stationed at White river from Jan. 1 to March 20, 1865, when they were ordered to St. Charles. They were mustered out at Indianapolis in June. Co. I was organized at Terre Haute, April 25, 1861, for state service, was mustered into the U. S. service July 4, 1861, for three years and left for Virginia in command of Capt. Robert R. Stewart. It acted as cavalry escort to Gen. Rosecrans while he commanded in western Virginia, to Gen. Fremont while he was in command of the Mountain Department, and to Gen. Sigel during his connection with the Army of Virginia and the Army of the Potomac. The company was mustered out in Aug., 1864. Co. K, also an independent company, was organized at Indianapolis, June 20, 1861, with James R. Bracken as captain. It was ordered to western Virginia and assigned to duty under Gen. Reynolds. It was present at the battles of Green Brier river and Camp Alleghany, and charged the enemy's cavalry at Huntersville. It was chosen by Gen. Fremont as his body-guard; was engaged at Strasburg, and in twelve days' skirmishing with the enemy's cavalry, terminating at Cross Keys. It was then transferred to Sigel as his body-guard, participated in the battle of Cedar mountain and was with Pope's army in the battles on Manassas plains. The famous cavalry charge into Fredericksburg, Nov. 9, 1862, was made by it and company I. Co. K was assigned to escort duty with Gen. Howard, of the 11th corps, and participated at Chancellorsville. It was on provost duty until after the battle of the Wilderness, and was then on duty at Gen. Meade's headquarters, until June 23, 1864. It was mustered out at Indianapolis in June, and the recruits, 43 in number, remained at the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac until in the summer of 1865. The original strength of the regiment was 1,039; gain by recruits, 301; reenlistments, 5; total, 1,345. Loss by death, 131; desertion, 47; unaccounted for, 273.


Duty at and near Ironton till February, 1862. Skirmish at Black River, Ironton, September 12, 1861. Operations about Ironton and Fredericktown October 12-21. Skirmish at Fredericktown October 18. Action at Fredericktown October 21. Attached to Dept. of Missouri to February, 1862. District of Southeast Missouri to May, 1862. 1st Division, Army of Southwest Missouri, to July, 1862. District of Eastern Arkansas, Dept. of Missouri, to December, 1862. 1st Brigade, 3rd (Cavalry) Division, District of Eastern Arkansas, Dept. of the Tennessee, to April, 1863. 1st Brigade, 2nd Cavalry Division, 13th Army Corps, Dept. of the Tennessee, to April, 1863. 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, District of Eastern Arkansas, to June, 1863. Clayton's Independent Cavalry Brigade, District of Eastern Arkansas, to July, 1863. Clayton's Cavalry Brigade, 13th Division, 16th Army Corps, to August, 1863. Clayton's Cavalry Brigade, Arkansas Expedition, to January, 1864. Clayton's Cavalry Brigade, 7th Army Corps, Dept. of Arkansas, to September, 1864. 1st Brigade, Cavalry Division, 7th Army Corps, to February, 1865. Mouth of White River, Ark., and St. Charles, Ark. 7th Army Corps to June, 1865. Company "C" detached and with 12th Division, 13th Army Corps, Army of the Tennessee, to August, 1863. Cavalry Brigade, 13th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to September, 1863. 2nd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to November, 1863. 3rd Brigade, Cavalry Division, Dept. of the Gulf, to December, 1863. Defences of New Orleans, La., Dept. of the Gulf, to July. 1864. Rejoined Regiment at Pine Bluff, Ark. (For Companies "I" and "K" see Stewart's and Bracken's Cavalry Companies.)


Col., Conrad Baker; Lieut.- Cols., Scott Carter, John S. Gavitt, William F. Wood, Thomas N. Pace, Julian D. Owen; Majs., John S. Gavitt, William F. Wood, Josiah Forth, Robert E. Clendenin, Thomas N. Pace, Julian D. Owen, William D. Weathers, Mark McCauley.


Scouting and skirmishing in Missouri and Arkansas February to June, 1862. Reconnoissance from Greenville to St. Francisville February 23-25 (Detachment). Mingo Creek, near St. Francisville, February 24 (Detachment). Moved to Doniphan March 27-April 1, and to Pocahontas April 17. Litchfield, Ark., May 2. Eleven Points June 1. Operations in Fulton County, Mo., June 1-5. March to Helena, Ark., June 26-July 14. Hill's Plantation, Cache River, July 7. Duty at Helena till July, 1863. Expedition from Helena to Clarendon August 4-17, 1862. Expedition from Clarendon to Lawrenceville and St. Charles September 11-13. Expedition from Helena to Moro November 5-8 (Detachment). Expedition from Helena to Arkansas Post November 16-21. Expedition from Helena to Grenada, Miss., November 27-December 5. Junction Coldwater and Tallahatchie Rivers November 29. Tallahatchie River November 30 (Detachment). Near Mitchell's Cross Roads December 1. Oakland December 3. Near Coldwater River February 19, 1863. Near Yazoo Pass February 19 (Detachment). Coldwater March 14. Languelle Creek May 11. Taylor's Creek and Crowley's Ridge May 11. Expedition from Helena to Napoleonville May 23-26 (Detachment). Near Island No. 65, Mississippi River, May 25 (Detachment). Repulse of Holmes' Attack on Helena July 4. Steele's Expedition to Little Rock August 1-September 14. Action at Bayou Fourche and capture of Little Rock September 10. Pursuit of Price September 11-14. Near Little Rock September 11. Moved to Pine Bluff September 14, and duty there till March, 1864. Tulip October 12, 1863. Pine Bluff October 25. Branchville, Ivey's Ford, Pine Bluff, January 19, 1864. Steele's Expedition to Camden February 23-May 3. Branchville March 27. Expedition from Pine Bluff to Mt. Elba and Longview March 27-31. Longview March 29. Mt. Elba and pursuit to Big Creek March 30. Marks' Mills April 25 (Detachment). At Pine Bluff and Little Rock till October, 1864. Walter's Plantation June 7. Expedition from Pine Bluff September 9-11 (Detachment). Near Monticello September 10. Brewer's Lane September 11. Near Pine Bluff September 13 (2 Companies). Reconnoissance from Little Rock to Monticello and Mt. Elba October 4-11. Veterans and Recruits consolidated to a Battalion of 2 Companies, and duty at Pine Bluff till January, 1865. Moved to mouth of White River and duty there till March 20, 1865. At St. Charles till June, 1865. Mustered out May 31 and discharged June 22, 1865.

Company "C" detached as escort to Gen. Hovey, February to July, 1863. Expedition to Yazoo Pass February 24-April 8, 1863. Moved to Milliken's Bend, La., April 12. Advance on Bruinsburg and turning Grand Gulf April 25-30. Battle of Port Gibson May 1. Fourteen-Mile Creek May 12-13. Battle of Champion's Hill May 16. Siege of Vicksburg May 18-July 4. Advance on Jackson, Miss., July 4-10. Siege of Jackson July 10-17. Ordered to New Orleans, La., August, thence to Brashear City and Berwick; Western Louisiana "Teche" Campaign October 3-November 30. Reconnoissance toward Opelousas October 20. Opelousas and Barre Landing October 21. Bayou Portage October 23. Moved to New Orleans, La., and duty there till July 7, 1864. Cypress Creek March 8, 1864. Rejoined Regiment at Pine Bluff, Ark.



REF: Dyer, Frederick H. A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion
Federal Publishing Company. The Union Army.

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