The 11th Indiana Infantry Regiment was organized at Indianapolis on April 25, 1861, for a three month term of service, then reorganized and mustered-in for the three years' service on August 31, 1861, with Col. Lewis Wallace as its commander.

    In the early days of the war many regiments assumed identities to distinguish them from others being organized. The 11th was recognized as a Zouave regiment similar to famous regiments of the same name that fought in the French armies. Zouaves wore distinctly colorful uniforms that clearly set them apart from their counterparts.

    Regiment lost during service 1 Officer and 114 Enlisted men killed and mortally wounded and 3 Officers and 170 Enlisted men by disease. Total 288.

    Source: Harper's Weekly, June 22, 1861, p. 388


    Cols., Lewis Wallace, George F. McGinnis, Daniel McCauley; Lieut. -Cols., George F. McGinnis, William J. H. Robinson, Daniel McCauley, William W. Darnell; Majs., Charles O. Wood, William J. H. Robinson, Isaac C. Elston, Daniel McCauley, William W. Darnell, George Butler.


    3 Months Service

    Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., April 21-25, 1861.
    Duty picketing the Ohio River, near Evansville, Ind., till June 7.
    Moved to Cumberland, Md., June 7-9.
    Action at Romney June 13.
    Seneca Mills June 14.
    Frankfort and Patterson Creek June 27.
    March to Bunker Hill July 8 and joined Patterson's command. Expedition to Romney July 11-13.
    Moved to Indianapolis, Ind., July 29.
    Mustered out August 2, 1861.

    Regiment lost 1 Enlisted man by disease during service.

    3 Years Service

    Organized at Indianapolis, Ind., August 31, 1861.
    Moved to Paducah, Ky., September 6, and duty there till February 5, 1862.
    Attached to 5th Brigade, 2nd Division, Army of the Tennessee, February, 1862.
    1st Brigade, 3rd Division, Army of the Tennessee, to July, 1862. Helena, Ark., District of East Arkansas, Dept. of Missouri, to December, 1862.
    2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, District of Eastern Arkansas, Dept. of the Tennessee, to January, 1863.
    3rd Brigade, 12th Division, 13th Army Corps, Army of the Tennessee, to February, 1863.
    1st Brigade, 12th Division, 13th Army Corps, to July, 1863.
    1st Brigade, 3rd Division, 13th Army Corps, Army of the Tennessee, to August, 1863,
    and Dept. of the Gulf to June, 1864.
    2nd Brigade, 2nd Division, 19th Army Corps, Army of the Shenandoah, Middle Military Division, to January, 1865.
    2nd Separate Brigade, 8th Army Corps, Middle Department, to July, 1865.

    Operations against Forts Henry and Heiman, Tenn., February 2-6, 1862.
    Investment and capture of Fort Donelson, Tenn., February 12-16.
        The Capture of Fort Donelson by Major General Lew Wallace (click on link)
        Wallace's Fort Donelson Official Report (click on link)
    Expedition to Clarksville, Tenn., February 19-21.
    Expedition toward Purdy and Operations about Crump's Landing, Tenn., March 9-14.
    Battle of Shiloh, Tenn., April 6-7. (click on link)
    Advance on and siege of Corinth, Miss., April 29-May 30.
    Occupation of Corinth and pursuit to Booneville May 30-June 2.
    March to Memphis, Tenn., June 3-21, and duty there till July 24.
    Ordered to Helena, Ark., July 24, and duty there till April, 1863.
    Expedition from Helena to Arkansas Post, Ark., November 16-21, 1862.
    Expedition form Helena to Grenada, Miss., November 27-December 5.
    Tallahatchie November 30.
    Mitchell's Cross Roads December 1.
    Moved to Milliken's Bend, La., April 14.
    Movement on Bruinsburg and turning Grand Gulf April 25-30.
    Battle of Port Gibson May 1.
    14-Mile Creek May 12-13.
    Battle of Champion's Hill May 16.
    Siege of Vicksburg, Miss., May 18-July 4. (click on link)
    Assaults on Vicksburg May 19 and 22.
    Advance on Jackson, Miss., July 4-10.
    Siege of Jackson July 10-17.
    Duty at Vicksburg till August 6.
    Ordered to New Orleans, La., August 6; thence to Brasher City, and duty there till October.
    Western Louisiana Campaign October 3-November 30.
    Bayou Cortableau October 21.
    Carrion Crow Bayou November 3.
    Regiment Veteranize January 1, 1864.
    Veterans on furlough March 4 to May 8.
    Duty in District of LaFourche and Defences of New Orleans, La., till May.
    At New Orleans, La., till July 19.
    Ordered to Washington, D.C., July 19.
    Fisher's Hill September 22.
    Woodstock September 23.
    Mt. Jackson September 23-24.
    Battle of Cedar Creek October 19.
    Duty in the Shenandoah Valley till January, 1865.
    Duty at Fort Marshall, Baltimore, Md., January 7 to July 26, 1865.
    Mustered out July 26, 1865.


Field Staff and Band
Company A
Company B
Company C
Company D
Company E
Company F
Company G
Company H
Company I
Company K
Unassigned Recruits

    A Compendium of the War of the Rebellion by Frederick H. Dyer. Copyright, 1908.


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