Military Units Formed in the Indian Nation

Most of these units were formed directly by the Confederate Government and the rosters are filed as "Confederate States Units" with the National Archives.

A Guide to Cherokee Confederate Military Units, 1861 - 1865

Confederate Units

Cherokee Nation

  • 1st (Watie's) Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
  • 1st Cherokee Mounted Rifles
  • 1st Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Volunteers (Holt's)
  • 1st Cherokee Battalion of Partisan Rangers
  • 1st Squadron of Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
  • 2nd Regiment of Cherokee Mounted Volunteers
  • 2nd Cherokee Artillery
  • 3rd Cherokee Regiment of Volunteer Cavalry
  • Cherokee Battalion (or Regiment), Special Service
  • Meyer's Battalion
  • Thomas' Legion; Indian Battalion
  • Adair's Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles
  • Drew's Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles
  • Bryan's Battalion, Cherokee Mounted Rifles
  • Frye's - Scales� Battalion, Cherokee Mounted Volunteers

  • Creek Nation

  • 1st Battalion Creek Confederate Cavalry
  • 1st Regiment Creek Mounted Volunteers
  • 2nd Regiment Creek Mounted Volunteers

  • Seminole Nation

  • 1st Battalion Seminole Mounted Volunteers
  • 1st Regiment Seminole Mounted Volunteers

  • Chickasaw Nation

  • 1st Regiment of Chickasaw Infantry
  • 1st Regiment of Chickasaw Cavalry
  • 1st Battalion of Chickasaw Cavalry
  • Shecoe's Chickasaw Battalion of Mounted Volunteers

  • Choctaw Nation

  • 1st Choctaw & Chickasaw Mounted Rifles
  • 1st Regiment of Choctaw Mounted Rifles
  • 1st Battalion Choctaw Cavalry - MCCurtain
  • 1st Choctaw Battalion Mississippi Cavalry
  • 2nd Regiment of Choctaw Cavalry
  • 3rd Regiment of Choctaw Cavalry
  • Deneale's Regiment of Choctaw Warriors
  • Folsom's Battalion of Choctaw Mounted Rifles
  • Capt. John Wilkin's Company of Choctaw Infantry

  • Northwest Frontier Command of Indian Territory
    (Col. Roswell W. Lee, Commanding)

  • 1st Osage Battalion
  • Major George Washington's Frontier Battalion
  • Major James W. Cooper's Battalion

  • Union Units

  • 1st Regiment, Indian Home Guards, Kansas Infantry
  • 2nd Indian Home Guard Regiment
  • 3rd Indian Home Guard Regiment
  • 4th Indian Home Guard Regiment
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