The Civil War in the Indian Nation

Adair's Regiment, Cherokee Mounted Rifles
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This unit was formed 3 February 1863 at Prairie Springs, Creek Nation (winter camp of Indian Cavalry Brigade, 15 miles southeast of Fort Gibson), by the consolidation of Bryan's 1st Battalion, Cherokee Partisan Rangers, and five companies attached to Watie's 1st Cherokee Mounted Volunteers. OFFICERS:

COLONEL. William Penn Adair (prev AQM, 1st Regt).

LIEUTENANT COLONELS. James Madison Bell (from Capt, 1st Co D, 1st Regt) promoted and transferred to the 1st Regt in June 1864; O H Perry Bewer, succeeded Bell (from Capt, Co F).

MAJORS. T Porter Hammock, appointed 26 Apr 63 ( from 2d Lt, Co A); John R Harden, by May 64 ( from Capt, Co C ); John F Vann, by Sept 64 ( from Capt, Co I).


Adjutant: 1st Lts Joseph A Scales (from 1st Sgt, 2nd Co F, 1st Regt) to Capt, Co A, Frye's Bn June 63; Andrew J Greenway (from 2nd Lt, Co B); S T Fair (from pvt, Co C) Assistant Quarter Master: Capt Joel B Mayes (from Adjt, 1st P R Bn) to Brigade AQM 1864); J W Phagan, to Capt, Co G, 12 Jul 64. Ass Commissary of Subsistence: 1st Lt Richard F Martin
Surgeon: Maj Thomas M Colley, resigned 16 Apr 63; William J Dupree appointed 24 Jul 63.
Assistant Surgeon: Capts Robert White, resigned 16 Apr 63; Harrison J Payden (prev Ass Surg of 1st P R Bn), W C Dunn
Chaplain: Rev Elder L Compere
Drill Master: 2nd Lt Michael L Coudon (from pvt, Co G) to 2nd Lt, Co E, June 63.
Sergeant Major: J W Burk (from pvt, Co D), Riley Walter Lindsay (from Co H)
Quartermaster Sergeant: A W Timberlake
Ordnance Sergeant: J Foster Bell
Hospital Steward: J Frank Marrs (from pvt, Co H)


Company A. John Miller, to Cherokee Battalion, Special Service 1865; T D Flinn ? (from 1st Lt)
Company B. Bluford West Alberty
Company C. John R Harden, to Major by May 64; W H Hendren (from 1st Lt)
Company D. Joseph L Martin
Company E. D C Patton
Company F. O H Perry Brewer, to Lt Col July 64; Thomas F Brewer ? (from 1st Lt)
Company G. William H Acridge, J W Phagan (12 Jul 64, from AQM)
Company H. William H Shannon
Company I. John F Vann, to Major by Sept 64; Cary Walker ? (from 1st Lt)
Company K. E M Adair
Company L (?). Charles H Holt


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