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A Guide to Civil War and Genealogy Research
A Guide to Civil War and Genealogy Research

This area contains a basic guide to genealogy research for Civil War Soldiers. We also have specific volumes for some states.
All the Battles of The Civil War.
All the Battles of The Civil War.

A database of all the battles & skirmishes - over 11,000 events. 384 battles were major engagements, but that's only 3% of the total. Explore them all here.
Alabama Civil War and Genealogy Research
Alabama contributed 120,000 men to the war. 25% died from wounds and disease. Additionally 204 battles occurred in the state.
Arizona Civil War and Genealogy Research
Arizona raised 1 Confederate and 1 Union unit. 9 battles occurred there.

Arkansas Civil War and Genealogy Research
106,000 men from Arkansas fought in the Civil War. The largest battle west of the Mississippi was fought at Pea Ridge.
California Civil War and Genealogy Research
Both governments wanted the gold and California had it. 49 battles were fought in California.
Colorado Civil War and Genealogy Research
Colorado became a territory just weeks before the war broke out at Ft. Sumter. 7,500 men joined up for the Union cause.
Connecticut Civil War and Genealogy Research
Connecticut was the home of Harriet Beecher Stowe, the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and the center of the Abolitionist Movement. 11% of the men died.
The Dakotas Civil War and Genealogy Research
A study of the Dakotas shows the results of a Federal totalitarian Government gone amuck - broken promises to the Indians and failure to protect the white settlers.
Delaware Civil War and Genealogy Research
Delaware is most remembered for its prison - Fort Delaware. Delaware's loss was about 5% of the 12,000 +/- who served in the war.
District of Columbia Civil War and Genealogy ResearchThe parks which encircle Washington DC encompass the breastworks built largely with slave labor during the war.
Florida Civil War and Genealogy ResearchFlorida was the forgotten state of the Confederacy, but its supply of beef, salt, and oranges to feed the army proved critical at the end of the war.
Georgia Civil War and Genealogy ResearchWe still contemplate with a bit of angst even afer 150 years, the devastation done by the Yankee Army to the people and property of Georgia.
Illinois Civil War and Genealogy ResearchIlliois contributed over 250,000 men to the Union army - more than half its male population. 35,000 were killed and 25,000 died of disease.
Indian Civil War and Genealogy ResearchAlmost all of the Indian Nation tribes sided with the Confederacy. Much research needs to be done on these units.
Indiana Civil War and Genealogy ResearchMany Kentucky troops joined Indiana regiments. Overall 210,000 men served in the Union Army.

Iowa Civil War and Genealogy Research76,242 Iowa men served, 13,001 died of wounds or disease, of 20,000 total, and 8,500 were wounded.
Kansas Civil War and Genealogy ResearchOne could argue that the War actually began in "bleeding" Kansas ten years before Fort Sumter became the flashpoint in 1861.
Kentucky Civil War and Genealogy ResearchLincoln declared, "I hope to have God on my side, but I must have Kentucky!" Both Lincoln and Davis were born in Kentucky.
Louisiana Civil War and Genealogy ResearchAlthough New Orleans fell early in the war, more than 500 battles and skirmishes occurred in Louisiana.

Maine Civil War and Genealogy ResearchMaine was a hot-bed and fomenter of the abolitionist movement. "Uncle Tom's Cabin", a fiction book stirred the pot.
Maryland Civil War and Genealogy ResearchOf the 50,000 confederate prisoners men held at Point Lookout, nearly 4,000 died.
Massachusetts Civil War and Genealogy Research Boston was the major slave trading port and most of the wealthy families of Massachusetts traced their wealth to the slave trade.
Michigan Civil War and Genealogy ResearchMore than 90,000 Michigan men, nearly 23%, served, and 14,375 died - most from disease.

Minnesota Civil War and Genealogy ResearchTwo battles were fought in Minnesota involving the Sioux Indians angered over mistreatment by the Federal government.
Mississippi Civil War and Genealogy ResearchWhen Vicksburg fell to Union troops on July 4, 1863, the Confederacy lost its last chance to control the Mississippi River.
Missouri Civil War and Genealogy ResearchMissouri was critical to the Union cause and the destruction of the state was immense. The Missouri records are almost non-existent.