Military Units Formed in Kansas

1st Kansas Battery - 333 names
Independent Colored Kansas Battery
1st Independent Battery Kansas Light Artillery - 326 names
1st Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 2149 names
1st Kansas Volunteer Colored Infantry
1st Regiment, Indian Home Guards, Kansas Infantry - 3240 names
2nd Independent Battery, Kansas Light Artillery - 294 names
2nd Independent Battery, Kansas Light Artillery (Hopkins') - 170 names
2nd Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment
2nd Kansas Volunteer Cavalry - 2051 names
2nd Regiment, Kansas Infantry (3 months, 1861) - 648 names
2nd Kansas Colored Volunteer Infantry
2nd Kansas Battery - 304 names
2nd Regiment, Indian Home Guards, Kansas Infantry - 2442 names
3rd Regiment, Indian Home Guards, Kansas Infantry - 2076 names
3rd Regiment, Kansas Infantry - 13 Names
3rd Kansas Battery - 166 names
4th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 104 names
4th Independent Battery, Kansas Light Artillery - 144 names
5th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry - 1882 names
6th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry - 2356 names
6th Kansas Infantry Regiment - 233 names
7th Kansas Cavalry - 1870 names
8th Kansas Volunteer Infantry - 1593 names
9th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - 2212 names
10th Kansas Volunteer Infantry - 1923 names
10th Kansas Cavalry Regiment
11th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry - 1923 names
11th Kansas Infantry Regiment
12th Kansas Cavalry Regiment
12th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 1390 names
13th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry
13th Kansas Volunteer Infantry - 1463 names
14th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Regiment - 1738 names
14th Kansas Infantry Regiment
15th Kansas Infantry Regiment
15th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry - 2023 names
16th Kansas Infantry Regiment
16th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry - 1823 names
17th Kansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment - 531 names
16th Kansas Volunteer Cavalry Battalion - 503 names
18th Kansas Cavalry Battalion
18th Kansas Infantry Regiment
19th Kansas Infantry Regiment
19th Regiment, Kansas Cavalry (6 months) - 1625 names
Abernathy's Company, Kansas Home Guards - 122 names
Block's Company (Leavenworth Zouaves), Kansas Infantry - 127 names
Post Battery, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas Artillery - 337 names
Unassigned Kansas Volunteers - 66 names
Unidentified Kansas - 43 names

Forty six military units were formed in Kansas - all Union. We have Historical Sketch & Roster volumes available on 25 of these units. Little else has been written in the way of regimental histories. A few first hand accounts are available - primarily on Quantrell and his men. There are no rosters on file at the National Archives for these men who fought for the Confederacy.