Battles in Kentucky


This chart shows the actions which occurred and the Federal losses. Actual confederate losses are unknown for these battles.

K- Killed
W - Wounded
C - Captured
A - Aggregate


Sept. 3 Occupation, Hickman and Columbus By Confederate forces.'

Sept. 4 Engagements, Hickman and Columbus UNITED STATES--Gunboats "Tyler" and "Lexington."

Sept. 5-6 Expedition from Cairo, Ill., to Paducah ILLINOIS--Battery "K," 1st Light Arty.; 9th and 12th Infantry.

Sept. 6 Occupation of Paducah ILLINOIS--Battery "K," 1st Light Arty.; 9th and 12th Infantry.

Sept. 18 Occupation of Bowling Green By Confederate forces.

Sept. 19 Skirmish, Barboursville KENTUCKY--Recruits.

Sept. 21-22 Reconn. toward Columbus ILLINOIS--7th Infantry.

Sept. 22 Skirmish. Mayfield Creek ILLINOIS--7th Infantry (Detachment).

Sept. 26. Affair, Muddy River Destruction of Lock, at mouth of.

Sept. 26-30 Exp. from Cumberland Ford to Clay County Confederate reports.

Sept. --. Skirmish, Laurel Creek Confederate reports.

Sept. 29 Skirmish, Hopkinsville KENTUCKY--Home Guard.

Sept. 29 Affairs at Albany and Travisville KENTUCKY--12th Infantry.

Oct. 8 Skirmish, Hillsborough KENTUCKY--Flemingsburg Home Guard. Union loss, 3 killed, 2 wounded. Total, 5.

Oct. 12 Skirmish, Upton's Hill INDIANA--39th Infantry.

Oct. 12-13 Skirmishes near Clintonville and on the Pomme De Terre Confederate reports.

Oct, 18 Skirmish near Rockcastle Hills (No Reports.)

Oct. 21 Action, Rockcastle Hills or Camp Wild Cat INDIANA--33d Infantry. KENTUCKY--1st Cavalry; 7th Infantry. OHIO--Battery "B," 1st Light Arty.; 14th and 17th Infantry. Union loss, 4 killed, 21 wounded Total, 25.

Oct. 23 Capture of Hazel Green OHIO--33d Infantry (2 Cos.).

Oct. 23 Skirmish near Hodgensville INDIANA--6th Infantry (Detachment). Union loss, 3 wounded.

Oct. 23 Action, West Liberty OHIO---1st Cavalry (Co. "B"); Battery "E," 1st Light Arty.; 2d Infantry. Union loss, 2 wounded, 2 missing. Total, 4.

Oct. 24 Attack on Camp Joe Underwood Confederate reports.

Oct. 26 Skirmish, Saratoga ILLINOIS--9th Infantry (Cos. "B," "H," "I"). Union loss, 4 wounded.

Oct. 26 Skirmish, Eddyville ILLINOIS--9th Infantry (Cos. "B," "H," "I"). UNITED STATES--Gunboat "Conestoga."

Oct. 29 Skirmish, Woodbury KENTUCKY--3d Cavalry; 17th and 26th Infantry. Union loss, 1 wounded.

Oct. 31 Skirmish, Morgantown KENTUCKY--Home Guard.

Nov. 7-9 Demonstration on Columbus from Paducah ILLINOIS--Thielman's Cavalry; Buell's Battery Light Arty.; 9th, 12th and 40th Infantry. INDIANA--23d Infantry.

Nov. 8 Engagement, Ivy Mountain KENTUCKY--16th Infantry. OHIO---2d and 21st Infantry.

Nov. 9 Action, Piketown KENTUCKY--16th Infantry. OHIO---Battery "E," 1st Light Arty.; 2d, 21st, 33d and 59th Infantry. Union loss 4 killed, 26 wounded. Total, 30.

Nov. 20 Skirmish, Brownsville (No Reports.)

Nov. 24-Dec. 5 Exp. from Columbus to Caseyville MISSOURI--8th Infantry (3 Cos.).

Dec. 1-13 Operations about Mill Springs and Somerset INDIANA--33d Infantry. KENTUCKY--12th Infantry. OHIO---17th and 35th Infantry.

Dec. 1 Demonstration on Fort Holt ILLINOIS--Battery "A," 1st Light Arty.

Dec. 1 Skirmish, Whippoorwill Creek KENTUCKY--26th Infantry.

Dec. 1-2 Skirmishes, Goggin's Camp Confederate reports.

Dec. 4-7 Expedition to Bacon Creek Bridge Confederate reports.

Dec. 5-8 Scout to Russellville Confederate reports.

Dec. 8 Skirmish. Fishing Creek near Somerset OHIO--35th Infantry. Union loss, 1 killed, 1 wounded, 15 missing. Total, 17.

Dec. 8 Skirmish, Fishing Creek KENTUCKY--1st Cavalry.

Dec. 12 Skirmish, Gradysville KENTUCKY--5th Cavalry.

Dec. 12 Skirmish, Bagdad, Shelby Co KENTUCKY--6th Infantry. Union loss, 1 wounded.

Dec. 17 Action, Rowlett's Station INDIANA--32d Infantry. Union loss, 10 killed, 22 wounded. Total, 32.

Dec. 18 Reconn. to Mill Springs (No Reports.)

Dec. 23-Jan. 30, '62 Operations in Eastern Kentucky. Garfield's against Humphrey Marshall KENTUCKY--1st Cavalry; 14th and 22d Infantry. OHIO--McLaughlin's Squadron Cavalry; 40th and 42d Infantry WEST VIRGINIA--1st and 2d Cavalry.

Dec. 28 Skirmish, Grider's Ferry (No Reports.)

Dec. 28 Action, Sacramento KENTUCKY--3d Cavalry. Union loss, 1 killed, 8 wounded Total, 9.

Dec. 28-31 Expedition to Camp Beauregard and Viola. ILLINOIS--2d Cavalry (Detachment). Thielman's Cavalry (Detachment). UNITED STATES--4th Cavalry (Cos. "C" and "I").

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